Black Diamonds

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Artist: Issues

Album: Black Diamonds

Release Date: November 13th, 2012


After what must have been one hell of a blow up between band members, Issues is the new band formed by 4 former members of Woe, Is Me. Tyler Carter, Michael Bohn, Be Ferris and Cory Ferris make up the new project.

Black Diamonds is the debut EP from Issues and since the members’ departure from their previous band; the release has been a big topic of discussion among those in the scene. Any time a member leaves a band for “personal” differences it causes rumors to swirl but when 4 people do it at once…what’s going on? Although we may never get the full scoop on what caused the split, we will get to see if it was a wise decision musically.


The EP will feature 7 tracks and is being released by Rise Records. Fans can expect the mixture of clean and throaty vocals infused with keyboards that they came to love in Woe, Is Me but with a little bit cleaner of a finish. On November 13th, see for yourself whether or not the split was a good call.

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