Electric Zombie

Posted: April 24, 2014 | the scene | art, clothing, electric zombie, kyle crawford, poster | 0 Comments

We’re fast approaching one of the best holidays of the year. No need to dust off grandma’s old cookbook and toil over a dish you know nothing about. No need to shop for a sweater that covers enough skin so as to not contract judging glances from your parents at a family dinner. Its Halloween time folks and that means that you can leave the fam-bam at home and go out and do your own thing free of judgment, early-to-rise mornings calling for going to bed by 9:30 and conservative clothing choices.

So it seems only fitting that we take a looksie at Electric Zombie; purveyors of art, clothing and general awesomeness that you need in your life. Like, now. You need it now.


We’ve worked with Electric Zombie in the past for some of our posters and whatnot but in case you weren’t in the know (and thanks to us, you are now. YOU’RE WELCOME) these guys make some of the most amazing things in the world, this side of free pizza. We’re talking shirts, tanks, hoodies, posters and even dog clothes. Yes, ladies, they have a great selection of lady-threads too. All complete with the bright yet slightly morbid style that E.Z. is known for and your mom would forbid you to wear in a family photo.


So, give Electric Zombie a look and if you aren’t too busy blowing your money on fun-sized, reduced to sell Kit-Kats, toss a couple bucks their way and be the most stylish weirdo in your school, coven, bowling league, prayer group and/or scene. Get on it.

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