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Electric Zombie is a brand known for its guts, slime, and all-around horror-inspired designs. Kyle Crawford, the man behind the zombie, has designed everything from hoodies to toys to pajamas, and he’s still picking up steam. We had the chance to catch up with Kyle and talk about his work and inspiration.

Blacklist: When did you realize that you were going to be a designer for a living? Was there a defining moment or did it just sort of happen?


KYLE: I never really knew. While I was starting to design, I was baking bagels at 3am, clocking out, driving to go work for Fueled By Ramen Records (which was in Tampa at the time), leaving there to go work at Hot Topic until 10, getting home at 11, and sleeping until 2:30am. Then went back and did it again; All while designing and singing in a band and having a personal life. I never pictured designing as the thing I would call my career. Meeting the right people along the way and showing how hard I work and what I can do if given the chance is really what got me where I am. Things just fell into place. Some of it was chance, some of it was talent, and some of it was luck.


Blacklist: Tell us about Electric Zombie. What was your inspiration? Why did you decide to start a clothing company? How has it changed throughout the years? 


KYLE: Electric Zombie started due to good ol’ revenge. I had worked with previous well-known companies who I, in my head, put on the map. I had all these ideas and I was never given the time, the credit, or the respect I felt I deserved. I cut ties with those people, and started working for Warner Bros. I was then able to quit those other jobs and start Electric Zombie. This time around I didn’t have anyone telling me that this or that was a bad idea. I just did it.


Throughout the almost 7 years of its existence, Electric Zombie has stayed the same but sort of worn different masks. EZ is my childhood and life in t-shirt form. I’ve never really made something for money, or because it would sell, or what a recent fad is. I just come up with an idea and make it.


Blacklist: If you weren’t designing, what would you be doing?


Kyle: Baking, follow my Instagram (@KyleIsEZ). You’ll understand the answer, haha.


Blacklist: What would you say makes you/your work different from other artists?


I am very stubborn and vocal. I really go to bat for these people, even when they suck and piss me off. I’ll ask a million questions, I’ll dig and dig, and maybe even flip out on them a little bit to get the answers I need. I also won’t do something I don’t believe in, and that shows in my work.


Blacklist: What bands/brands have you worked with? 


KYLE: I think asking me what bands haven’t I worked with might have been an easier question!


Blacklist: Why do support a smokefree music scene?


KYLE: It’s bad enough when you’re in a muggy room, reeking of smelly dudes and show sweat, but smoke too? Shit sucks. What’s really awesome about being an individual is you have the freedom to make choices on your own. When you are practically trapped in a room with no choice, you can’t help but get pissed off. It’s like exercising, taking vitamins, and eating right and then being trapped in a room where everyone is sick. What’s the likelihood that you’re going to walk out of there with not so much as a cough? Now switch that scenario with smoking. YIKES.


Blacklist: What can we expect to see from you in the future?


KYLE: I’m going to be trying a lot of new things with Electric Zombie and Grave Takers (my other brand). I want to create more out of the box designs – a variety of things that aren’t just clothing. I might be doing a video documentary type thing next year and hopefully putting some sort of book together. Too many ideas! All about the timing!


Check out Kyle’s handiwork HERE or over at Electric Zombie.

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