Late For Nothing

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Let’s be honest here, folks, metalcore (and underground rock on the whole) has always been a boys game. Sure there are some girls in the mix here and there but the guy to girl ratio would make for a sausage party that could only take a backseat to an Oktoberfest in Germany. So when Iwrestledabearonce hit the scene back in 2007, the scene was gleefully shocked to see a female fronted band that not only did it better than most of their male fronted counterparts but had a unique, playful style that helped them stand out even more.

Iwrestledabearonce hails from Louisiana but have since relocated to Los Angeles. To date, the band has one EP and 3 studio albums under their belt. Their newest effort “Late For Nothing,” came out back in June on Century Media. While every new album is noteworthy, this one is particularly interesting because the band switched lead vocalists.


During Warped Tour 2012, lead vocalist (at the time) Krysta Cameron had to leave the band because she became pregnant. Almost without skipping a beat, the band was able to call on friend Courtney LaPlante to fill in for the remainder of the tour. However, after really knocking it out of the park, the band decided to just stick with LaPlante permanently going forward. So, “Late For Nothing” marks the very first time that LaPlante’s voice represents Iwrestledabearonce in recorded form.


Iwrestledabearonce is wrapping up some U.S. tour dates through August and will take 6 weeks off before hitting the road for a few more U.S. dates in late October.

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