Monster Aesthetics

Posted: April 24, 2014 | the scene | clothing, fashion, monster aesthetics | 0 Comments

Ever opened your closet and just sort of stared at everything you have hanging in there? Eventually you have a revelation. “Damn. Do I seriously own 20 black, band t-shirts? Ha!” Sure you wear and love them all but if you ever really think about it, people into any kind of independent rock (be it metal, punk, thrash or whatever) don’t have many shopping options available. Sucksville, USA right?

Well lucky for all of us, the good folks over at Monster Aesthetics offer up a one-stop shopping experience for just about anything you could need to spruce up your attire and even your walls. They have respectably priced tees, tanks and outerwear up for grabs and all of it features some pretty awesome original designs. They also offer accessories like patches (both small and full size back patches) and any shape/size stud or safety pin you’d want to add to your clothes. As if it that weren’t enough, you can also get your cute little hands on some stickers, posters and prints to doll up your lair. If you’re feeling extra saucy, you can opt for some of their limited edition and/or one-of-a-kind clothing to ensure that you’re the only person at the show – Nay, the only person on the planet – rocking it.


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