One Of Us Is The Killer

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Artist: The Dillinger Escape Plan

Album: One Of Us Is The Killer

Release Date: Out Now!


Dillinger Escape Plan has been around since 1997 and despite over a decade of touring and recording, they haven’t lost their edge nor the brutal aggression that made them a household name in the hardcore/metalcore scene.

Technically speaking, Dillinger Escape Plan is a mathcore group. It’s an offshoot of the metalcore genre, characterized by odd and nonlinear time signatures in their music – a sort of organized chaos, if you will. The 5-piece band has elements of hardcore, metal, punk and experimental.


One Of Us Is The Killer is the band’s fifth studio album and their first effort in 3 years. The album is on Party Smasher, Inc., the band’s own label. Just over 40 minutes in length, the 11-track album blends insanity with melody in a way that is both intense and well crafted. You can check out a free, full album stream thanks to Pitchfork. Dillinger Escape Plan is currently on tour with The Faceless and will embark on a summer U.S. tour with Slipknot, Korn and Motorhead beginning in July.

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