Record Store Day – April 19th

Posted: April 24, 2014 | the scene | record, record day, record store day, vinyl | 0 Comments

For all you vinyl collector nerds out there, this Saturday is the day you’ve been dreaming about. The day you’ve been salivating over. The day you’ve been stashing away loose change and rolled up 5’s in anticipation of. The day in which you’ll scour the internet and (if you’re really brave) rush your favorite local record store fully prepared to mow down innocent bystanders and physically weaker record collectors alike, all in hopes of procuring some sacred, limited edition vinyl releases.

Saturday, April 19th is Record Store Day.

The 7th annual shop-a-thon, provides both online and local shoppers with a battery of limited edition vinyl records only available on this day. The fun/chaotic part about it is that no single retailer has every release available so you have to either do your homework or succumb to the luck of the draw. Either way, everyone wins. You score some awesome limited vinyl that you can brag to your friends about, local record shops make some much needed cash helping them stay in business, vinyl record makers stay afloat (who says vinyl is a dead format?) and bands stand to make a few bucks which helps them stay on the road, come to your town and perform for your precious little ears.

You can scope the nearly full list of release HERE.

If you’re thinking about heading out to your local store, be sure to get there early. The limited stuff goes fast!

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