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Well folks, it’s a new year and like all the other beginnings of January that have come before this one, New Year’s resolutions are in full force. Those new running shoes are finally hitting some pavement, the Bow Flex is out of the box, you trashed grandma’s leftover sugar cookies that you had stashed in the freeze and for some of us, 2013 marks the beginning of your life as a non smoker.


Unsurprisingly, quitting smoking is one of the year’s most popular resolutions, as it tends to be every year, and for some dedicated people, 2013 will be the year they finally kick the habit. For others, the pressure will be too much to bear and they’ll find themselves puffing away outside of a restaurant on a cold, February afternoon. As is the case with resolutions, people hit it hard and fast come January and quitting is no different.


According to a news article out of New Zealand, this is the absolute busiest time of year for their national quit line. The country expects upwards of 10,000 people calling in this month. They attribute the number partially to resolutions but this year they expect an increase from last year’s 9,000 due to an increase in tax per pack. If you’re a Kiwi considering quitting, might as well do it when the price gets hiked up right?


Similarly, quit lines all over the U.S. are ringing off the hook with would-be quitters aiming to make 2013 the healthiest year of their life. Every state has their own version of the line and 1-800-QUIT-NOW is the number to dial for most folks. If you, a friend or family member are considering quitting, now’s the time. Quit lines have added staff and resources this time of year so becoming smokefree has never been easier.

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