The Blackest Beautiful

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Artist: letlive.

Album: The Blackest Beautiful

Release Date: Out Now!


Technically considered a post-hardcore band, letlive. embodies aspects of so many genres that it would be difficult to stick them into any one category but “post-hardcore” was probably just chosen arbitrarily because…well, why not?

The Blackest Beautiful is the third proper full-length album from the band and technically their first on Epitaph. Their previous album, Fake History was re-released by Epitaph back in 2011 but originally came out on Tragic Hero. The Blackest Beautiful has already received rave reviews from a few sources. Absolute Punk gave the album 9.5 stars out of 10 saying that it will “redefine your musical perceptions and tastes for the better.” AP Magazine said that the album “is a stunning document full of soul and purpose.” Not too shabby.


letlive. (yes, there’s a period at the end and it isn’t capitalized) blends elements of metal, hardcore, punk and even very slight hints of pop. All in all, they have a sound that comes across heavy but very polished- a very clean sound to the disarray, if you will.


letlive. is currently wrapping up their Warped Tour obligations before heading to Europe for  tour that will run through October.

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