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Posted: April 24, 2014 | tobacco | tobacco, tobacco body | 0 Comments

It’s definitely no big secret that tobacco usage can royally eff up your body. We’ve all read the warnings, seen the ads and labored through the commercials but a lot of that stuff just doesn’t stick because it’s tough to visualize, particularly if you’re on the go. Well, the good folks over at Tobacco Body have created a new way to visualize the damage that smoking can do.

Head over to Tobacco Body and take a closer look at what smoking does to certain areas of your body as compared to what should be going on in those same areas when you’re smokefree. From skin problems that make you look like a Walker to some serious stank breath to things not working quite so right in your jibbly bits, this site allows you to take a closer (maybe even uncomfortable) look at what can go wrong. Aside from the informative value, it’s also just kind of fun to play with the site.

Give it a go.

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