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The band that originally started out Oh Captain, My Captain underwent a name change in 2007 and started going by Memphis May Fire, despite the fact that the band hails from Texas and not Tennessee. Regardless of where they call home or what they call themselves, Memphis May Fire has been slaying eardrums and venues the world over for a decade now and are one of the heaviest hitters in the metalcore scene.

To date, the band has 2 EPs and 3 full-length’s to their name but their 4th album (and third effort on Rise Records) drops THIS TUESDAY. Get pumped. The new album, Unconditional, will feature 11 new tracks and comes in at just over 43 minutes in total. Alternative Press describes the album as a “soundtrack to an action film,” and said Unconditional has “more of a theatrical feel, as well as orchestral presence.” You, however, don’t need to take their word for it because you can listen to a full album stream right HERE.


You can also check out a pretty awesome “making of” video right HERE.


Unconditional drops on March 25th via Rise Records. Get on it.

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