Warped Roadies

Posted: April 24, 2014 | the scene | behind the stage, fuse, reality tv, warped tour | 0 Comments

Since 1995 the Vans Warped Tour has been the highlight of many a summer. What started as a reasonably modest combination of skate competitions and a few punk bands has evolved into one of the biggest musical experiences in the world.

Today the tour regularly features over 100 bands and stops all over the globe. It’s big business, a ton of work and until now, there was so much going on behind-the-scenes that we never knew about. All that is about to change.


Fuse TV will begin airing the second season of Warped Roadies, a TV show focusing on the people working behind the stage to bring you the summer’s biggest concert series. The show will take a look at not only the involvement in the tour of several roadies but will also peer into their personal lives and how they stay sane while out on the road. The show will also feature a fair amount of live performance footage and some band interviews as well as introduction to some newer bands that you may not have heard of yet.


Season 2’s footage is taken from the 2013 Warped Tour and like most reality TV, has plenty of love, drama, fights, fun and all around nonsense. You can catch Warped Roadies, season 2 on Fuse TV Wednesdays at 11.

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