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Posted: August 15, 2014 | the scene | band of the month, competition, local bands, nebraska, new mexico, utah | 0 Comments

Ever wondered how we find our next Band Of The Month? It’s pretty simple: they find us. Blacklist is always on the lookout for new local bands from Utah, New Mexico, and Nebraska to promote. Your band could be next, but the only way for that to happen is for you to sign up.

Start by sending an email to In that email, include a photo of your band (horizontal photos with no text work best) and a link to your band’s music player (Facebook, BandCamp, YouTube, etc.). Every month we choose two bands that sign up and host a competition to see which band gets the most votes. We even give the bands a free graphic to help promote the competition. At the end of the month, the band with the most votes wins. It’s that easy.

Once a band wins, we provide them with promotion not only on the home page of Blacklist’s website, but also in a magazine sent out to thousands of people. We will also provide the band with 50 customized posters to hand out to family/friends/fans/strangers/whomever.

Not too shabby for a couple clicks and typing a few words huh? Sign up today.

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