Issues May Be About to Make Their Best Album Yet

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At the 2014 Alternative Press Music Awards, Oli Sykes accepted an award for the Best Album on behalf of Bring Me the Horizon. He revealed that prior to writing Sempiternal, he had been addicted to ketamine, and as a result, went to rehab for a month. Sykes spoke to BMTH’s fans saying, “No one f—ing knows this, but I went to rehab for a month, and through that time, you guys had no f—ing idea that I was in rehab. But you were sending me letters. You were sending me text messages. You were sending me f—ing emails. When I got out of that rehab, I didn’t want to f—ing scream anymore; I wanted to sing it through the rooftops, and it’s all thanks to you. So thank you very much.” It was getting clean and the support of Sykes’ family, bandmates, and fans that made Sempiternal the amazing album it is.

Addiction has been a running thread in the scene since its inception. Unfortunately, this has not changed over the years. It seems that there are always rumors of musicians fighting addictions and the effects that those addictions have on their careers. Only a few years ago, Panic! At The Disco’s founding member, Spencer Smith had to step away from the band due to his struggle with addiction to prescription medication and alcohol. In this instance, Smith’s addiction caused his time with the band to come to a halt, but the recent win by BMTH is a clear indication that getting clean can unleash unimaginable musical talent. This might also become the case with Issues’ Tyler Carter.

Carter joined Pvris to perform “My House” at this year’s APMAs. This was his first sober performance. Issues also took home a skully for Artist of the Year. Carter admitted that his musical career has been done less than sober. However, in reference to his newfound sobriety Carter said, “It feels really good to be healthy, lose weight, and feel happy. Tackling anxiety with love and music and feeling peaceful. My skin is glowing, and I love you all. I did this for me.” Issues has already found a solid fanbase and accomplished a lot despite Carter’s love affair with alcohol, but based on how sobriety revolutionized BMTH’s music, there may be a great deal more that Issues can now accomplish.

There’s a huge difference between making music and producing art that changes lives, changes the industry, and even changes the musicians. BMTH has shown what a difference being clean can make, and this has me wondering if a similar outcome may be in the works for Tyler Carter as Issues works on their upcoming album. Having a clear mind and body can really change the way you see the world, maybe even for the better. What do you guys think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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