Age Limit on Warped Tour?

Posted: August 24, 2015 | the scene | hands like houses, trenton woodley, warped tour, youtube | 0 Comments

Last week, Kevin Lyman announced that he is considering limiting the age of band/crew members to 21 and up. There was immediate frustration on social media to this idea. It was fairly confusing since Warped Tour has always had a large fan base, crew members, and band members that are under 21. However, with recent sexual harassment claims and underage partying being a significant problem on the tour, I think Lyman has a sensible fear that Warped Tour could become a memory if the team doesn’t get things under control immediately. Despite the seriousness of the problem, it’s possible that Lyman’s solution could create different problems.

Although many of the bands that have played at Warped Tour are over 21, there are exceptions. One such example is Crown the Empire. When Crown the Empire first appeared at Warped Tour in 2013, nearly all of the band members were under 21. Crown the Empire went on to top the charts, gain many fans, and were even awarded at the APMAs for being the Best Breakthrough Band. It’s difficult to say if the band would have been as successful without the opportunity Warped Tour provides for bands to connect with new and old fans. Not only would this policy impact musicians, it would also be problematic for the crew. There are hundreds of people who started working in the scene while under 21 and then used the connections they made to launch careers in the business. Eliminating that opportunity would definitely change the culture of Warped Tour.

Although there are certainly some negatives to prohibiting band/crew members who are under 21 from being on the tour, Lyman is concerned about the fallout of things getting out of control. The current environment is becoming a breeding ground for a potential lawsuit that could end Warped Tour permanently, which would be beyond devastating to the scene. Warped Tour has spanned decades, and Lyman wants to protect what he has helped build. Hopefully, he can find a way to maintain the culture while eliminating the risk. We survived the “no moshing” signs, so I am sure we can find a way to deal with whatever choice Lyman and the team make. Let me know what you guys think? Do you agree that Lyman has a point or is he going about this the wrong way?


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