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As many of you know, Apple Music offered a free three-month trial when it first launched in July. We’ve had some time to see if Apple Music has managed to challenge Spotify, the music-streaming giant. I took the liberty of trying out both Spotify and Apple Music for you guys. Here are my thoughts.

If we’re only considering the services that are offered for free, Spotify definitely takes the cake because Apple Music has no completely free services. Unlike its competitor, Spotify allows its users access to the entire library. The desktop version allows you to play songs, repeat them, and skip tracks as much as you like. The only negative aspect of the free desktop version of Spotify is the ads, but they are not overly intrusive. The mobile version of Spotify is different however. Although you still have access to Spotify’s entire library through mobile, unfortunately you can only play tracks by using the shuffle feature on playlists or albums. You cannot simply pick a song and play it like the desktop version. With all of this said, Apple Music gives you nothing for free on desktop or mobile. Thus, if you don’t want to pay for music, Spotify is certainly the way to go.

If you are willing to pay for music, then Apple Music is still in the running. Both platforms allow you to search and play songs from the mobile version. Unfortunately, Apple Music does not allow this feature on desktop, unless the track has already been added to your Apple Music library. However, Apple Music might be a slightly better choice if you have an iPhone because switching between your personal music library and Apple Music is nearly seamless. Although, if you are a college student who really wants access to the music you love no matter if you’re sitting at your desktop or on the go, but you can’t commit to the $9.99/month, Spotify may be the best choice for you. Spotify offers college students the price of $4.99/month!

Overall, I did enjoy using Apple Music, especially since I have an iPhone. However, I think Spotify wins this round by providing free services and a great discount. Many of the features on the two platforms are very similar, but the few differences really show Spotify to be a superior music-streaming tool. Apple Music is very new, and I’m sure they’ll make a lot of changes as time goes on. I doubt Apple Music will take second place without a fight. Only time will tell.


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