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We take a stand against Big Tobacco because of all of the moral atrocities they’ve committed. It’s a known fact that tobacco products cause a whole array of health issues and are highly addictive, plus, we think it’s absolutely deplorable that they try their hardest to manipulate and target young, easily influenced people.

Morella is Albuquerque post hardcore revival at its finest, folks. The 4-piece band has just reached the toddler stage (in band-years), having only been together since February but make no mistake – Morella has made big strides in a relatively short period.

Adrian (vocals) had been in another band previously but when they split, Sonya (drums) asked him to come join her band at the time. Well…things went south. That former band = R.I.P. The god news is, they decided to forge a new band from the ashes of previous efforts and brought in Michael (bass) and Josh (guitar) to form something new; Morella. The band’s name is derived from an Edgar Allen Poe story whom Sonya is a huge fan of.

Musically speaking, the band has some similarities to Oceans Ate Alaska, Sleeping With Sirens and Like Moths to Flames. You can catch Morella playing with Sworn on July 24th at The Co-op.

Current Lineup:

Sonya Carman (Drums) – Loves science, microbiology and genetics

Michael Cave (Bass) – Is a face painter/aspiring tattoo artist

Adrian Rosas (Vocals) – Record, films and produces all the band’s videos

Josh Gamboa (Guitar) – Is an accountant

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We’ve seen first hand the toll a lifetime of smoking has taken on close family members, especially Tony’s grandmother. She’s recently had to use an oxygen tank, which forced her to quit smoking. After just a short break from smoking, her health has improved significantly. We support staying away from tobacco altogether, but if you are a smoker, there are a lot of ways to quit and people who will support you along the way.

Omaha: Rock City. For the better part of 3 years, Fallible has been treating Omaha, NE to a bevy of aural delights by way of hard rock. This 4-piece band is comprised of guys who are to stranger to both music and the local scene but have made it their quest to rule both.

Shawn and Tony have been in a couple bands together in the past and while they enjoyed it, it wasn’t quite a fit for them. After a coupe experiments and a few lineup changes, they finally struck gold when they brought Derek and Dan on board. Since then it’s been nothing but good times, good tunes Mario Kart on N64.

Fallible found its name in their own song lyrics. They liked the idea that we’re all human and all make mistakes, as noted in their song “Human Anyway.” Part of the band’s success may be attributed to their somewhat uncustomary approach to song writing. Most bands jam songs live to find a fit. Fallible, though, prefers to lay down tracks in a studio first then build it out from there. This unique approach seems to work for them. Musically speaking, the band says they share commonalities with bands like Silverstein, Breaking Benjamin and The Used.

Be sure to check out Fallible on Facebook for updates on upcoming shows and tours!

Current Lineup:

Derek Bird (Drums) – Is an instructor at School of Rock

Daniel Carr (Guitar, Screams) – Is a certified martial arts instructor

Shawn McAllister (Vocals, Guitar) – Handled the videography for the band’s new video

Tony Stanton (Bass) – Is a former deputy sheriff

Connect With The Band:

Pieces of the Past

We Pieces of the Past believe in a smokefree scene because what’s so cool about inhaling toxic chemicals and killing your health? That’s why we support Blacklist!

Pieces of the Past is a 5-piece metalcore band that has been aurally assaulting Albuquerque, NM since December. The band is comprised of two brothers, three cousins, two ex-members of a previous band, at least one video game enthusiast and 5 friends (don’t want to do the math? See below).


Current Lineup:

Antonio (Lead Guitar) – Christian’s brother

Christian (Drums) – Antonio’s brother

Alex (Vocals) – Was in a band with Damien prior to POTP

Noah (Bass) –Antonio and Christian’s cousin

Damien (Rhythm Guitar) – Was in a band with Alex prior to POTP

Connect With The Band:


<em>It’s hard to keep the pit alive when your lungs are covered in tar.</em>

Video games + Metalcore = Dawnbreaker

Ok, ok so maybe the math doesn’t work out that cleanly but this 5-piece metalcore band did derive their name from a sword in Skyrim and the guys in the band indulge in retro games in their downtime. So you know, pretty close.

Although two members are originally from Harlan Iowa, all 5 guys reside in Lincoln and it’s home. The band has been at it for a year and a half and, like most bands, was forged out of the remnants of previous bands. Musically speaking, Dawnbreaker compares themselves to As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive and circa 2009 Miss May I.

Dawnbreaker recently wrapped up some time in the studio (and were unanimously pleased with the outcome) so no new shows to report right at the moment but fear not – there will be soon. Be sure to stay tuned for more Dawnbreaker news and catch a show; you’ll be glad you did.

Current Lineup:

Steven Thiem (Bass) – was in the military

Nathan Schwery (Guitar) – was born dead

Adam Cave (Drums) – didn’t start playing drums until after high school

Connor Gifford (Vocals) – is a classically trained pianist

Chris MEATBRICK Ware (Guitar) – loves him some golf

Connect With The Band:

Devil In The Details

<em>There’s nothing worse than jamming to your favorite band and out of nowhere cigarette smoke drifts into your eyes and mouth and lingers there. It’s uncomfortable.</em>

Devil in the Details is a 5-piece post-hardcore band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska that has quickly taken the scene by storm with their professional sound.

The guys in the band have been at it for just over a year but they are no strangers to music or the local scene. They’ve been members of previous Omaha bands and as if it were fate, found their way to each other. Sean and Cody had wanted to name a band Devil in the Details but shelved the idea until they got the chance. Well, their lucky day came when they teamed with Cass, Matt, and Aaron, and the band as we know it was born.

Musically speaking, Devil in the Details bears some resemblance to Architects, Underoath, and Beartooth, but don’t take our word for it – see them and decide for yourself. You can catch Devil in the Details live on may 30th, but wait! There’s more! You can grab their brand new EP for a mere $2 at the door. Get on it.

Current Lineup:

Cassidy Riege (guitar) – Long lost brother to the lead singer of <em>fun.</em>

Matt Lund (drums) – Loves Bring Me The Horizon

Cody Pedersen (bass/vocals) – Wrestled a bear once

Sean Sorensen (vocals) – Used to have a pet raccoon

Aaron Koenig (guitar) – Turns into a werewolf during full moons

Connect With The Band:


We, as a band, believe the Tobacco industry to be nothing but a brute, waste of space. Plain and simple. We have seen the damage it has caused in our own families. A grandmother that has been battling cancer for over 4 years and now is losing. It does nothing but take valuable life and destroys it. Losing people you care about to this industry should be enough to let people know that they need to stand up against this thing and walk away from it. It isn’t causing you any harm to leave it behind you and out of mind.” – Oculus


Current Lineup:

Connect With The Band:

Choking On Air

The tobacco industry is nothing but a conniving detriment to the health and well being of others, preying on the made up notion that smoking is cool. We know so many people who have fallen victim to this, and the last thing we want is that kind of maliciousness in the music scene.

Like a fine wine, an aged cheese or even a Hot Pocket cooled to a safely edible temperature, some things just take a little bit of time to mature. Such was the case with Santa Fe’s own, Choking On Air. The band existed in concept since 2011 but didn’t exist physically until December of 2012. After a little trial and error, mismatches and lineup changes, Choking On Air was finally realized with John, Terren, Bridie, Tavi and George.


The band considers themselves Metalcore but they approach songwriting with a mixture of progressive metal, Djent, pop punk, hardcore, deathcore and black metal influences. The end result is an original sound accompanied with vocals that touch on a range of topics from political corruption to bullying to anxiety & depression to religious corruption to civil rights and any number of the members’ personal experiences. Although the band is into bands like Rise Against, Periphery and Of Mice and Men, they strive to not sound like anyone else.


Choking On Air performs pretty regularly at Warehouse 21 in Santa Fe but you can also catch them occasionally in Albuquerque. Also, be on the lookout for a Friday the 13th show and an appearance in Slapstick’s Rock and Roll Anti-Competition. You can get your hands on their debut EP at any of these shows.

Current Lineup:

John (Drums) – Is a loner.

Bridie (Bass, Vocals) – Digs Lao Tzu.

George (Guitar, Clean Vocals) – Puts the “pop” in punk.

Tavi (Keyboard, Vocals) – Is short and angry and also, is a houseplant.

Terren (Vocals) – Breaks everything (including himself).

Connect With The Band:

December Deceive

We support a tobacco free music scene because we like music, and we wanna be alive and well to play it. Especially being 15 – 18, we want to live to see our golden years.

Since February 2013, December Deceive has been tearing Albuquerque a new one. The female fronted, aggressive alternative band has taken some big strides since their inception and it all came to be by random chance.


Current Lineup:

Katelin (Vocals/Manager) – Is also a Special FX Makeup Artist

Andrew (Guitar) – Obsessed with Dragon Ball Z

Jordan (Drums) – Loves the color orange

Raymond (Guitar) – Wants to look like Keith Richards

Nick (Bass) – Loves Cannibal Corpse and…The Beatles

Connect With The Band:

The Perished

We take a stand against big tobacco because of all the deaths they cause. They shouldn’t be profiting off of death.

The Perished is a 5-piece metalcore band from Ogden, UT. The band has been in existence for 2 years and unlike most bands, they don’t have a complicated, multilayer explanation for being band; they do it just because they love it.


Current Lineup:

Nick Wichmann (Guitar) – Leaves his keys locked in the car (all the time)

Blair Hunsaker (Vocals) – Addicted to Magic The Gathering

Chris Dyer (Vocals) – Also addicted to Magic

Jacob Poynor (Drums) – Dude smells, especially after practice

Braxton Morris (Bass) – Once drove through a wooden fence

Connect With The Band:

Collapsing Skies

Smoking has taken away so many people that we cared about. There are better things to do than getting addicted to something that damages your body and wastes your money.

Its always refreshing when a band is formed out of pure desire rather than as a side project or just something to experiment with. Such is the case with Albuquerque’s own, Collapsing Skies. Five people who all love the Metalcore genre making music together for the love of the music itself. Awesome.

The band has only been together for a few months but has already been making waves (come on, they’re our Band of the Month, folks). They played their first show months back, opening for New Years Day – a moment that really helped the band get started on the right foot. Not every band plays their first show opening for a touring act.

The  band enjoys playing music together but, for the most part, Skyy (bass) handles the song writing. Although the band says that many of the experiences that inspire their music is experienced together or is a community effort.

You can catch Collapsing Skies playing the Second To End EP release show and you can follow the band on Facebook to be sure you never miss out on a chance to catch them live.

Current Lineup:

Skyy (Bass/Clean Vocals): gets distracted by shiny things, wears all black 99.9% of the time and likes Pokemon
Nate (Lead Vocals): Loves Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon
Antonio (Guitar/Vocals): Enjoys exercising and likes video games
Zak (Guitar): eats a lot of candy and loves Star Wars, batman, and Dragon Ball Z
Jake (Drums/Vocals): Enjoys thrash and black metal

Connect With The Band:


We wanna show the world what the big tobacco companies are standing for; making their product more addictive to ruin the lives of their users.

Ossatura is a 5-piece progressive death metal band straight out of Salt Lake City. The band draws inspiration from Avenged Sevenfold and Suicide Silence among others and they’ve been at it for about a year now. Vocalist, Vice, had originally formed a different band but after a few lineup changes the band morphed into what we now know as Ossatura.

The band approaches songwriting much like they approach the general concept of being in a band: it’s a brotherhood. Everyone is involved and everyone gets a say. Individual experiences play a role in the creative process but every song you hear is ultimately a team effort.

Ossatura, which is Italian for “Skeleton” by the way, has a big show coming up on 4th of July. You can follow the band on Facebook and get updates on new shows and new tunes. Check them out!

Current Lineup:

Sane (Lead Guitar) – Made the album artwork

Vice (Vocals) – Taught himself how to vocalize

Z (Bass) – Has a lot of punk influence in his writing

Eric (Rhythm Guitar) – Makes bomb food

Brian (Drums)- Is a very quick learner

Connect With The Band:

Follow Silence

While we can't be responsible for the actions of others, every one of us has seen the kind of physical/mental/financial damage smoking cigarettes causes. It's not about morality, just good health. Don't pay for a sooner death, you'll get there either way.

In a musical landscape where every band defines themselves by the attributes of other bands, it’s refreshing to see a band that doesn’t try to sound like anything in particular and doesn’t care how they’re viewed. Case and point: Follow Silence.

Follow Silence is a 5-piece band from Albuquerque that have been together since 2010. They find themselves typically classified as a post-hardcore band but don’t feel like it’s a completely honest classification. In fact, the band likes to refer to themselves as “Groovecore,” a genre that vocalist, Rico defines as “heavy hits with sexy licks.” As if that weren’t original enough, (most of) the band are big time Magic: The Gathering players and couldn’t care less if anyone likes it, hates it or thinks it’s nerdy. They are what they are and in a scene where everyone tries to be someone else, it’s a nice change of pace.

The band, who once played “The After After Show,” is focusing more on writing new material right now than playing a slew of shows but they do have a confirmed show at Amped Performance Center coming up in May and are leaving the possibility for a few more shows open.

Current Lineup:

Eric (Lead Guitar) – "I'm Eric, and I like eating cheesy gordita crunches from Taco Bell along with a smooth chaser of Baja Blast."

Jamil (Drums) – "My name is Jamil, AKA, the beast master, and I watch a lot of anime."

Jordan (Rhythm Guitar) – "I like learning about the universe, I hope to be a physicist."

Rico (Vocals) – "I am the biggest How I Met Your Mother Nerd."

Eugene (Vocals) – Fun Fact: Severe Aichmophobia (Fear of inoculation/sharp objects)"

Stewart (Bass) – "My name is Stew and I play way too much Pokemon and Magic."

Connect With The Band:

The Audacitours

Tobacco companies do indeed target younger audiences when this is the generation that needs to take a stand against the wrong in the world. There are no health benefits to smoking, and we have watched it destroy the lives of far too many friends and family members. We ask that people realize that you have one body and one life to live. Don't give it up over a foolish choice to do something so unnecessary.

The Audacitours are an indie/punk band from Omaha, NE. This 4-man band draws from such an eclectic list of influences that they’ve always found it difficult to define their sound with standard genre labels. Therefore, Alex (guitar & vocals) created the term “Nuclear Pop” to describe the diverse range of tunes that they incorporate. It’s an explosion of many sounds, melded into one. Good stuff. Their influences include Male Bonding, Taking Back Sunday, Sunny Day Real Estate, Radiohead, Title Fight, Cloud Nothings, Cursive, Texas is the Reason and The Dead Milkmen among others.

The band has been at it since December 2012. Alex and Corey were in a band called Sex Question Mark together, while Gage and Gavin were in a band called Conspiracy of Ravens. Fate brought them together and soon they left their previous bands behind and opted to start a new one. Instead of combining previous bands names into one (Sex Ravens, Question Mark Conspiracy, or maybe Questioning Raven Sex) they decided upon The Audacitours; a play on the word “audacity” and a reference to their bold sound.

The Audacitours are currently wrapping up their debut EP, entitled “Bean EP.” The EP is named after Alex’s girlfriend’s cat. Be on the lookout for shows in support of the new release in the very near future.

Current Lineup:

Alex (Guitar, Vox): Used to have a lint collection.
Corey (Drums): Is a hopeless romantic.
Gavin (Guitar, Vox): Does a surprisingly accurate Gilbert Gottfried impersonation.
Gage (Bass): Owns and sometimes plays a didgerido.

Connect With The Band:

Ghosts Of Ruin

As a person, would you not want live longer and live healthier? We support a smoke-free scene and want to let people know that tobacco products are not cool.  They are filthy and constantly littered.  Tobacco products are controlling and body harming, not only to yourself, but the loved ones around you. That's why we would like to say, Ditch The Tobacco and Go Green!

Since late summer 2010, Ghosts of Ruin have been assaulting eardrums in Omaha, Nebraska. The 5-piece metalcore band comes at you with a heavy, hard-hitting sound that is both powerful and musically tight.

Although the band plays metal, all 5 members have different musical interests outside of the band and Ghosts of Ruin sees that as creative plus. With differing input, the band is able to write songs that aren’t stereotypical metal – in fact they push the boundaries of the genre and challenge the preconceived idea of what genre is. The way the band sees it, the genre is all about evolving and Ghosts of Ruin is all for it…coincidence that they have a “Darwin” in the band?

Current Lineup:

Trevor (Guitar): Had a baby girl.

Noal (Guitar): Has a green thumb.

Greg (Vocals): Is great with computers.

Darwin (Drums): Speed freak!

Andy (Bass): Helps out the homeless.

Connect With The Band:

The Conscience

We do not hate or bash on smokers whatsoever, it is just our personal choice not to smoke tobacco. We do not want to affect the health of ourselves or others, and we also think of it has a waste of money. We don't feel like we are in a position to tell kids what to do and what not to do, we just want to recommend to make healthy choices and live a good lifestyle.

The Conscience, like countless other bands, had to learn to walk before they could run. While they technically formed in the summer of 2012, they cycled through a few members to get to a solid, core lineup that was both honest to their sound and best for creativity.

The 5-piece metalcore band hails from Sandy, UT. The band keeps it simple in terms of inspiration – they needn’t look any further than every day life’s ups and downs or even just a rousing game of Smash Bros. for something to write about, although they do find musical inspiration from bands like As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Attila, Parkway Drive, A Day To Remember, For Today, etc.

The Conscience will be opening for Winds of Plague, Impending Doom and more on December 9th. Be sure to keep tabs on the band in 2014 because they’ve been pretty tight-lipped about some cool things on the way but we couldn’t get them to spill the beans. Besides, that would ruin all the fun anyway.

Current Lineup:

Calvin (Bass) – Is Asian & super light skinned.

Cody (Guitar/Vocals) – Likes Pina Coladas 7 getting aught in the rain.

Zack (Drums) – Doesn’t know the words to “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

Vince (Vocals) – Is a HUGE comic book & Pokémon nerd.

Davin (Guitar/Vocals) – Is into measuring things, like REALLY into it.

Connect With The Band:

Impaled Offering

No one wants a straw in their neck to breathe. Straws are for drinking.

Straight out of ABQ, Impaled Offering is a 4-piece audio slaughter that plays with an aggression as heavy as their name would suggest and on top of that, they are our Band of the Month.

Impaled Offering plays a mixture of Death Metal, Grind-core, Gore Grind and Black Metal. It’s heavy, it’s loud and it’s entirely unapologetic. For the guys in the band, formation wasn’t really much of an issue. Being that there wasn’t too many people in Albuquerque into Gore Grind at the time, they 4 members were able to find each other with relative ease and focus on becoming the face of the genre in New Mexico. We here at Blacklist think they’re off to a great start.

With one recording already under their belt, the band is currently taking a brief hiatus from live shows to focus on completing their second album. At the same time, the guys are also shopping around for a new label- one with wider reach, because they’ve gained fans in other states and even other countries so they’re looking to get their sound out to more people worldwide.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Impaled Offering’s Facebook for updates on both the new album and future live shows.

Current Lineup:

Ben Segura (Drums) – Is a dinosaur freak and takes some flack for it.

Luis Dominguez (Bass) – Loves Magic card tournaments.

Alex Sokol (Vocals) – Is a Lions fan.

Ken Padilla (Guitar) – Plays basketball in the hood.

Connect With The Band:

Dented Personality

Smoking isn't beneficial to anyone except corporations with hidden intentions to pull in large profits. It's unhealthy for the smoker and for those around them, only for the benefit of a corporation to grow at the expense of loss of life and well-being of it's target audience.

Dented Personality is a 4-piece punk/ska/alt band hailing from Burlington, VT. The original band members (Brian, Mark & Jordan) all grew up together and shared an affinity for music but it wasn’t until 2009 that they decided to pool their creative influences and musical abilities to form the band. And just this very month, they added a new guitarist, Brad, to the mix.

When it comes to influence and song writing, the guys keep it pretty simple. Why over think it, right? They are motivated to create music for the passion that it can create. The way they see it, if just one person is touched, move, inspired or helped by their music, then all the hard work was worth it.

If you’re a fan of Less Than Jake, The Ataris and A Day To Remember then Dented Personality will be right in your wheelhouse. Dented Personality is currently working on their first professionally recorded EP and aim to play as many live shows as they can during the process. Be sure to check them out on Facebook for updates.

Current Lineup:

Mark – Drums

Brad  – Lead Guitar

Jordan – Vocals/Bass

Brian – Vocals/Guitar

Connect With The Band:


Big tobacco companies have no real regard for health of their customers, so long as they continue to make a profit. It's not right.

4 years ago five friends formed a band that would serve as an ever-evolving musical experiment open to any influence while staying true to each members’ own tastes. When it came time to find a name for this band they wanted something that summed up their endless toil and dedication nice and concisely. Naturally, they went with Superior.

Superior is a progressive metal band hailing from Omaha, NE. The band is comprised of James Morgan, Cole Brown, Randy Edwards, Kelton Davis & Kyle Fitch; longtime friends and no strangers to the Omaha music scene. Every member has been involved in music for some time and they have (individually) contributed to many Omaha and Grand Island bands before coming together as Superior.

Superior doesn’t limit themselves to any one genre when it comes to influence. They like to keep an open mind and with 5 guys in the band, differing opinion and inputs are inevitable. Instead, they embrace new ideas and sounds and incorporate it into their writing process. The result is a well-rounded sound that cant be pigeonholed by the standard confines of what is considered “metal.” These guys have a passion for making music and it shows in their work.

Current Lineup:

James Morgan – Vocals

Cole Brown – Guitar

Randy Edwards – Guitar

Kelton Davis – Drums

Kyle Fitch – Bass Guitar

Connect With The Band:

Fall Of A Tyrant

We take a stand against tobacco in the music scene simply because we feel life is hard enough without cancer. We feel that an entire industry that makes and turns profits from the death of millions is wrong.

Inspired by life’s horrors, experiences, problems and…well, 90’s cartoons, Fall of a Tyrant is a hard rock/post-hardcore 4-piece hailing (mostly) from the SLC area. The band came into concept back in November 2012 but became a tangible entity in February 2013, meaning that in just about 6 months, Fall of a Tyrant has gone from conception to Blacklist Band of the Month.

In November 2012 band members Boe & Pat saw their previous band, I Dream in Daylight disband. When this happened they decided to start a new project, although not fully realized at this point, that would become Fall of a Tyrant. It started initially as less of a full time band and more of a project but after a few months of inactivity they picked it back up again. By February 2013 they added Doug on guitar and Dayne on bass and had a solid lineup and the complete band you see today.

At the moment the band is currently seeking a new drummer. Boe is filling in for now but they need someone on a regular basis for live shows. If you or someone you know can beat drums like they called your mom “hot,” then by all means hit these guys up.

Current Lineup:

Boe Mathewson (Clean Vocals, Lead Guitar) – Arms are double jointed and wants to be a Pokemon Jedi Master!
Pat Kordylewski (Hardcore, Keys) – Likes to do voice impressions and both parents are Polish.
Dayne Mackenzie – (Bass Guitar) – Hockey player at the Olympic level.
Doug Wilson – (Rhythm Guitar) -Has Tourettes syndrome.

Connect With The Band:

Consumed By Silence

Big Tobacco is the reason for countless deaths every year and it is perfectly legal! Addictive chemicals are added to tobacco (obviously), so people end up smoking themselves to death. There is something wrong about that.

Consumed By Silence is a 5-piece progressive deathcore band hailing from Salt Lake City. The boys in the band have been at it since 2009 and the masochistic ears of the world cant get enough of the sweet abuse.

As is the case with many bands, all 5 members had dabbled in other SLC area acts and just hadn’t quite found the band they were looking for. Piece by piece, the members that would come to form Consumed By Silence came together once they decided that they wanted to take their musical efforts to the next level. 4 years later, we have the band that you see today.

Stylistically, the band is pretty heavy hitting while maintaining a technical prowess that not only incites a colorful live show but also pleases any would-be musical nitpickers. Lyrically, the band’s message wanders from topics of religious corruption to political corruption to every day life inspired stuff, aliens and even metal itself – you never know where you might find inspiration.

Although the band doesn’t have any concrete dates coming up, they are hard at work on their upcoming EP and will hit the road as soon as is humanly possible.

Current Lineup:

Jimmy Cudahy; Vocals – Also the frontman for Amorous

Stephen Rutishauser; Guitar – Runs merch for Chelsea Grin

Tyler Larrabee; Guitar
 – Working on becoming a tattoo artist

Travis Adams; Guitar
 – Doesn’t listen to much metal

Ben Godfrey; Bass – Is from St. George

Josh Adams; Drums – Played guitar before he learned the drums

Connect With The Band:


We feel that everyone can choose for themselves whether or not they want to smoke, yet they should also be mindful of those who are around them and show respect and not smoke when it's not necessary.

In case you don’t live in Omaha or you lost your ears in a horrific windmill accident, Detriment has been tearing up stages and speakers for a year. Thanks to hard, heavy-hitting tunes that are cleverly crafted, Detriment is our Band of the Month.

Although the project started in November of 2011, Detriment wasn’t fully realized until June of 2012 but they have been going strong since. The band is comprised of 5 members and self-classifies as a progressive death metal band. Side note: only in music can the word “death” follow “progressive” and still make perfect sense. The boys pride themselves on never being complacent with their sound.

“We like to write music that people can move to, because that’s what metal is all about. Having fun and moving around. We also like to test our talent limits by writing parts that are difficult at first, but then become second nature,” says the band.

Should you want to see (and hear) for yourself just why Detriment is our Band of the Month, you can catch them doing what they do best on June 30th. They will be playing The Hideout Bar with Faces of Oblivion. Cart your arse out there and take in a quality show.

Current Lineup:

Johnnie (Vocals) – This dude is from Alabama

Grant (Rhythm Guitar) – Races dirtbikes

Mike (Lead Guitar) – Has a <a href="" target="_blank">ballpit</a>

Alex (Bass) – Used to have long hair

Brandon (Drums) – Is thirsty

Connect With The Band:


More people die from cardiovascular disease than they do of lung cancer from smoking. This is what ultimately helped him make the decision to quit, because it doesn’t smell, taste, look or make you feel good at all, especially if you are physically active and choose to live a healthy life for as long as you breathe. Besides, doesn’t pollution do enough harm to your lungs?

Elusis is a hard-hitting metal band…er – strike that. Start over. Elusis is a hard-hitting metal guy from Salt Lake City. That’s right guys, our Band of the Month is a one-man band and in the world of metal, there aren’t too many of them.

The lone member of Elusis is Vincent Traylor. He writes and records all of the instrumental aspects of his music and even plays the drums live. It’s not that Vincent doesn’t play well with others, it’s just that he has the ability to make every song completely his own and when you have that kind of musical foresight, why not? Vincent is always open to collaborations and experiments with other artists too.

Vincent finds inspiration from Meshuggah, Marilyn Manson, Whitechapel, Tool and NIN among others. In his own words “anything that symbolizes sinister, relentless and raw evil” is what helps him shape his sound.

Elusis doesn’t currently have any new shows coming up but Vincent has been writing like a mad man and will be recording in much higher quality than in the past, so keep a look out for some fresh new metal from Elusis in the near future.

Current Lineup:

Vincent Traylor – Everything

Connect With The Band:

Type (A) Alert

In case of danger maximum lung capacity is key. Being serious, we all have people in our lives that smoking has affected and have seen the side effects of it. Friends of ours regret starting and it is hard for them to quit. It's never fun watching people you care about harm their own health and struggle with an addiction.

After nearly 10 years playing music together, Josh and Aaron may have finally found their niche. After playing in several fun but not overly successful bands, The duo formed what would become Type (A) Alert in 2011. The band was comprised of some good guys they knew from church and after some light instrument switch-arounds, the lineup was made solid with Zach, Brady, Aaron, Josh and William.

They find musical inspiration from bands like Emery and Subseven but have more recently taken on a harder sound, inspired by August Burns Red, The Devil Wears Prada and Haste the Day among others. In terms of voice, the band draws from their faith to find lyrics and aim. They try to be as open as they can about who they are and what they stand for – and it shows.

Type (A) Alert is currently working on recording two new songs before taking a little break until school is out. By summer they plan to play a few festivals in addition to some regular shows as well.

Current Lineup:

Aaron (Vocals): Has a beard.

Josh (guitar): Is beautiful.

William (Guitar): Works out.

Zach (Bass): Can blow bubbles off his tongue.

Brady (Drums): Is Justin Bieber.

Connect With The Band:

The Hands Automaton

We support a smokefree scene because it creates a healthier environment for people of all ages. Most 40 or 50-year-old smokers wish they could quit, so why do kids keep starting to smoke? It needs to stop BEFORE it starts, and that's what Blacklist is trying to do – to bring awareness to the scene and the kids in it. That's why we support Blacklist and a smoke free scene.

The Hands Automaton (or “THA”) is a 5-piece rock band hailing from Tri-Cities, NE. The band has been together in its current lineup for just over a year but the members’ musical roots go years back.

In one way or another, the members of THA have been linked through previous bands they’ve been in together, or bands that they’ve shared the stage with in the past. After the band’s original roster fell apart, they found each other through persistence and a strong ambition to build the type of band they had always wanted, and talked about before, but never had the chance to form until now.

There really isn’t a single genre that encapsulates THA’s sound but it’s safe to say that they play an amalgamation of their various musical interests, or “everything rock,” as stated on their Facebook page. They draw inspiration from life, family, God, anger and even their differences as fellow band members. In terms of influence, they like Zao, Taking Back Sunday, Silverstein, Fugazi and Gallows to touch the tip of the musical iceberg.

Current Lineup:

Brian (Guitar) – Rubs chocolate pudding under his armpits <em>every</em> morning

Jordan (Bass/Vocals) – Has never washed his feet. Not even on Easter.

Pablo (Drums/Vocals) – Is straight outta Chile (The Compton of South America)

Josh (Vocals/Guitar) – Was almost on Country Fried Home Videos

Kyle (Guitar/ Vocals) – Has the coolest dog ever (Dexter)

Connect With The Band:

Ten Plagues

We support a smokefree scene because smoke doesn't belong there. We don't want to lose our breath from cigarette smoke when we're trying to sing our favorite band's songs.

SLC sure isn’t hurting for some quality metal and one of its finest providers is Ten Plagues, a 5-piece metal band hailing from Kearns, UT that pummels your eardrums like they hit on your little sister.

Long time friends Brandon and Dallin had been in bands together before but severed their ties to move forward with a new group and their buddy Preston. After scouring the ends of the Earth, they filled in the missing pieces (bass and guitar) with Chase and Victor and the rest is history. Ok, a short history since they’ve been a band for about a year but a history nonetheless.

The band writes songs about topics varying from everyday experiences to things they’ve read and even good, old fashioned violence in general. Their song “Beneath The Floorboards,” is based on the famous Edgar Allen Poe story, “The Tell Tale Heart.”

Ten Plagues won the first round of the battle of the bands and is looking forward to round 2 sometime in March. To tide themselves over, they’re currently working on their debut EP; recording with Stetson “Bucket” Whitworth at High Vibe Recordings. Keep a sharp eye for the EP in the coming months.

Current Lineup:

Preston (Drums) – Is best friends with his dog

Brandon (Guitar) – Is Navajo

Chase (Guitar) – Will eat cereal and watch cartoons until he dies

Victor (Bass) – Plays baseball on his school team

Dallin (Vocals) – Lives in a log cabin

Connect With The Band:

Any Other Way

We're all about having fun and being able to listen to music that you love. If smoking was to give you cancer.. we can imagine that wouldn't be too much fun. If smoking was to kill you.. then that would make listening to music that you love rather difficult.

Pop, punk, metalcore and hardcore all mashed up into one raucous package. This is Any Other Way and they have been killing it in Utah since 2011. They are also the Blacklist Band of the Month for November 2012.

The 4-piece band is based out of Ogden, UT but only two members (Justin and Kyle) are from Ogden. Brian is from South Carolina and Dave is a born and bred Buckeye from Ohio. Justin and Kyle had been making music together for a couple years but decided to solidify a permanent band and put out an ad on KSL where they met Dave and Brian and became the band you see today.

Any Other Way plays a mix of all of their influences. Be it pop, mainstream, hardcore or whatever. They don’t limit themselves to a single genre. Instead they play what moves them with their own trademark sound to it. It’s diverse, energetic and scores an even 11 out of 10 points in awesomeness. Check out Any other Way’s Facebook page for updates and upcoming shows.

Current Lineup:

Brian (Drums) – Shares a birthday with Denzel Washington

David (Guitar) – Loves soccer

Kyle (Vocals, Bass) – Two days younger than Justin

Justin (Vocals, Guitar) – Loves sushi

Connect With The Band:

Through The Fight

We take a stand against tobacco in the music scene because it's, simply, a nasty habit. It sucks seeing people pay by the pack for a lifetime of health problems!

If you find yourself in Ogden, UT and in need of a metal breakdown, Through The Fight has got you covered. This 5-piece post-hardcore band loves breakdowns, insane live shows and their fans (in no particular order).

Through The Fight – a testament to anybody being able to achieve anything with enough determination and self-belief – was founded in late 2011 by bassist, Teric Scothern. After a few lineup changes, the band has found the core 5 (Teric, Jordan, James, Cory and Nathan) members that they believe work best together.

The band is currently wrapping up production of their debut EP “Prowler.” The EP will be laced with high register vocals, heavy melodies and intricate rhythms. If you’re a fan of We Came As Romans, Underoath, The Devil Wears Prada or Of Mice and Men, then Through The Fight will be right up your musical alley.

Current Lineup:

Nathan (Vocals) – Loves 80’s movies.

Cory (Guitar) – Loves to party

James (Guitar) – Also loves to party

Jordan (Drums) – Obsessed with World of Warcraft

Teric (Bass) – 100% afraid of clowns

Connect With The Band:


We don't support it simply because they are making a product that kills people. They are entirely aware of it and yet they continue to distribute it with teenagers as their main target, which makes up most of our scene and obviously we're not a fan of anyone that can be greedy enough to do that and still sleep at night.

The five members come from all over but their paths crossed in Ogden, UT and thankfully so, otherwise your cute little ears may never have been blessed with the all out audio assault that is Subversa.

Subversa is a metal/progressive/post-hardcore group (in case you weren’t in the know). Although only two current members serve as founding members of the band, they feel that their current lineup is solid as a rock and the most musically talented in the life of the band. All members are working on side projects while maintaining Subversa as the main project.

“We try to incorporate a lot of genres within Subversa as well. We just all like metal the most so Subversa is our main project. Our main goal with this band is just creating something different. Not so different that there is no one that get’s it, but different enough to stand out in such a cookie cutter scene,” says the band.

Subversa will be playing At Muse in Provo on October 13th for the final Becoming Everest show. After that, they’ll take a short break from performances to focus on finishing their upcoming EP, due out in November/December

Current Lineup:

Devin (Vocals): He enjoys straightening his hair

Tyler (Bass): He enjoys playing World of Warcraft instead of practicing his bass parts

Zach (Drums): Enjoys eating, obviously

Jeff (Guitar): Likes boys

Blue (Guitar): Douche

Connect With The Band:

The Lament Configuration

We believe that the Metal scene shouldn’t be associated with smoking and that big tobacco companies are not a part of the Metal Scene.

Cracking Ogden sidewalks and eardrums since 2011, The Lament Configuration has been blasting Utah with aggressive death metal for two years and the relentless aural assault shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

This 4-piece band plays a blend of death metal and hardcore that is equally heavy and melodic. Currently, the band is looking to add a second guitar to the lineup for a bit more depth but in the meantime, they continue to do what they do well. The Lament Configuration aspires to get signed, tour the world and bring their music to people around the globe…and that all starts here.

Fresh off a show with Winds of Plague and Static-X, the band is building clout and popularity. Be on the lookout for a probable show with Nile soon too. Stop by the band’s Facebook page to see what’s new and when you can catch their next show. You can also treat your precious little ears to some tunes and see just why The Lament Configuration is the Blacklist band of the Month.

Current Lineup:

Zach (Drums) – Is in the Guitar Center Drum-Off (already made it past the 1<sup>st</sup> round)

Justin (Guitar) – Is recording the band in his home studio

Brooklyn (Bass) – Played violin for ten years and suffers and occasional seizure

Jake (Vocals) – Has been doing vocals for bands since age 13

Connect With The Band:

Blessed Are The Merciless

I take a stand against Big Tobacco because they have created a tool for manipulating and controlling the masses.  There are so many addicting chemicals in cigarettes that do nothing for you but destroy your body in the long run.

If Omaha has a face, then Blessed are the Merciless have been tearing that sucker off for 6 years.  They play loud, fast and heavy and cover all the major cores: death, hard and metal. This 5-piece writes and performs some top-notch music and its pretty much a no brainer making them Blacklist’s Band of the Month.

Six years ago, Kapree and a former bandmate formed what would become BATM. 3 years  and countless shows later, the only member still in the band was Kapree himself. Forced to either let the band die, start a one man band and tour carnivals or use the opportunity to reform the band, Kapree chose the latter.  Chris Mac joined on bass and although he may not have had much stage experience at the time, he had no shortage of talent. Next Blake Harlow and Brian Brandt, who had jammed on guitar together since they were kids, joined the ranks of BATM.  Justin DeSchamp, drummer extraordinaire, filled in the last piece of the puzzle.

The band has a very progressive and melodic style. They tend to find inspiration from heartbreak, being more than yourself and arming yourself with knowledge of the world’s ongoing attempt to destroy you.

Current Lineup:

Vocals: Kapree Walton – Has a BA in journalism and once trained in pro wrestling
Guitar: Blake Harlow – Previously toured with Reflect the Silence
Guitar: Brian Bradt – Also toured with Reflect the Silence
Drums: Justin DeSchamp – Is a ninja with drumsticks
Bass: Chris Mac – This is his first band ever

Connect With The Band:

For The Empire

Our logic is: if you don't spend money on the big tobacco, you'll have more money to get to shows, get into more shows, and to buy more merch and help support the locals. So you should just do that instead.

What started out as a nonchalant jam session about a year ago, grew into something more. For the 5 members of For The Empire, forming a band wasn’t necessarily the goal but it became the outcome and they couldn’t be any happier with how it turned out.

Members Jake and Tyler had played together in a previous band and had made plenty of friends who are also musicians thanks to their involvement in the scene. After a jam session with friends last August, they realized that they had a dynamic that deserved more than fleeting attention. So, they kept playing with Alex, Andrew and Ben and eventually became the solid lineup that we know as For The Empire today.

The band loves having the opportunity to play for friends and supporters who love their music and want to see the scene grow. You can catch For The Empire live at Sokol Underground on July 23rd for the I Set My Friends On Fire & the Color Morale show. They will also be in Des Moines, Iowa in September for an outdoor music festival. Check out For the Empire and see why they’re the Blacklist Band of the Month.

Current Lineup:

Alex (drums) – The youngster. Just graduated and is working on starting a drum company

Tyler (guitar) – Loves death metal

Andrew (guitar/vocals) – The last of the members to join, he produces and makes beats for a local Phoenix hip-hop artist "J-Fro"

Jake (vocals/guitar) – Played in a band for 5 years now doing vocals, the last band was also with the guitarist Tyler

Ben (bass) – Had no bass playing skills at all when we started the group but has developed very fast and continues to improve

Connect With The Band:


Smokefree scenes make it much more enjoyable for a wider age range.

Anestatic is 5-piece band hailing from Omaha, NE. Although they’ve only technically been together in their current formation for a year, all members have been playing in various bands in a musical career spanning a decade.

A self-proclaimed Post-Pop Punkcore band, Anestatic offers up a taste of punk, metal, post-hardcore and even a little experimental element. With dual signing and screaming vocals, the band has a nice depth of sound that not only allows for a nice deviation from the status quo but also makes for a pretty engaging live performance too.

You can catch Anestatic on June 22 At Sokol Underground with What Dwells Within. They also have upcoming shows with Soulicit on July 3rd and are making their way up to St. Paul, MN for a show on September 22nd.

Current Lineup:


Brian-Guitar, Lead Vocals


Jess Aparo-Guitar

Tyler-Screaming, Backup vocals

Connect With The Band:


Rectitude is a 4-piece metal band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska. Currently, the band is scouring the planet in search of a new bassist but that hasn’t stopped them from earning the title of Blacklist Band of the Month!

About 6 months ago, current band members Elliott, Connor and Luke are high school buddies who started a band because they thought it sounded like a cool idea being that they were all music fans. Shortly thereafter, they realized that they had a real connection and meshed together well as songwriters. A short time later Cole was introduced to the band by a mutual friend and Rectitude became the solid, 4-man, metal machine that you see today.

The band draws inspiration from bands like The Ghost Inside, The Burial, and Volumes but nothing gives them the same type of inspiration that their spirituality does. All 4 members hold strongly to their Christian beliefs and use it to give their music a sense of strength and hope.

Current Lineup:

Cole Brown (Rhythm Guitar) – Enjoys “coning” in his free time (Youtube it, genius)

Luke Sullivan (Lead Guitar) – Loves him some Kings of Leon, Sinatra, Dean Martin and even Boston.

Elliott Gates (Vocals) – Takes really long showers

Connor Stirewalt (Drums) – “Yes."

Connect With The Band:

The Glass House

Because it kills. No explanation needed.

Straight out of Murray, The Glass House is the Blacklist Band of the Month which is a respectable title in its own right but given the fact that this band has only been together for 8 months, makes it even more impressive.

The Glass House is a 5-piece metalcore band that hasn’t been at it for that long but has already accrued a healthy following and is really making a name for themselves with solid songwriting and memorable performances. The band is a great ally for Blacklist because not only will they rock your teeth right of your mouth but they also have a simple yet effective view of smoking.

The Glass House draws inspiration for their music from personal experiences and the ups and downs of daily life. Musically, they’re into Fire In The Skies and The Art of Transcendence among others but they actively work on keeping their sound fresh, original and of course, as raw as they can.

Current Lineup:

Max Myers (Guitar) – Tallest in the band and very lurpy

Chase Watts (Vocals) – Hates Max’s bracelets

J. Jeffs (Guitar) – Has a super man-crush on Ryan Reynolds

JT Yano (Drums) – The band’s shortest and oldest member

Logan Yano (bass) – Cut his finger off

Connect With The Band:


Tobacco in the music scene will only bring distraction to the passion and dedication that is vital to the hardcore scene that we love being a part of in Omaha.

It’s only been 4 months since Fake officially became a band but in a short period of time, they’ve already managed to climb the ranks in Blacklist voting to earn the title of Band of the Month.

Fake is a 5-piece hardcore/pop-punk band hailing from Papillion, NE. Strangely enough, they never really intended to be in a band at all. The five guys that now make up the band are friends who overheard that promoter was looking for a band to open a show for another act. They figured they might as well give it a shot, wrote a few songs and voila: band created. Their name is a play on their origins as a “fake” band that was created just to open a show but since then, has taken on a whole new shape.

Fake is passionate about their songwriting and strive to always have it show when they perform. “We are a band that wants a relationship with our fans and want them to enjoy what we do as much as we do,” says the band. You can judge for yourself. See how Fake turned their passion for music into a solid and lively performance on March 10th at The Lair.

Current Lineup:

Jordan Brooks  (Guitar/Screams) – Can play 7 instruments

Bobby Hrbek  (Vocals) – Lives in Skyrim

Ryan Connett (Bass) – Can’t swim

Matt Toelle (Drums) – Dislikes ALL sports

Adam Keogh (Lead Guitar) – Doesn’t like being in a band

Connect With The Band:

Arsenal Of Destruction

We’re here to do what we wanna do and to make music and to do what we love. We aren’t going to let tobacco stop us.

Hailing from South Jordan, Utah, Arsenal of Destruction is a 3-piece metalcore/scream/deathcore band that has been ripping up the scene for over years.

Comprised of Jake Blade, Zach Turner and Colton Gunnarson, Arsenal of Destruction plays relentless metal that is both raucous and calculated and they’ve been known to put on a pretty decent show. To date, they’ve played tons of shows and released an EP and have plans for more releases in the not-too-distant future.

Colton and Jake met each other years back and began jamming with Colton on guitar and Jake on drums. Eventually they switched instruments and started taking their music a little more seriously, which lead to them recruiting Zach some time later. Since then, the band has been working as cohesive unit and has been playing as many shows as they can get.

Current Lineup:

Zach Turner (vocals)

Jake Blade (guitar)

Colton Gunnarson (drums)

Connect With The Band:

A Choking Melody

Waste your money, waste your life, waste your strength with cigarettes if you want to feel twice your age and lose a couple thousand dollars a year. It's not worth it especially when the government owns everything. You're being owned and killed not just by a business, but a corrupt government that allows a killer like tobacco to be sold legally. Even worse, they don't JUST allow it, but they collect revenue from killing you day by day. Taking down big tobacco would be a big step in bringing together clean living for everyone.

A Choking Melody has technically been around since December 2010 but solidified their permanent lineup in July of 2011. The band is a well-known fixture in the Omaha scene, which is exactly what they want.

The band has been involved in the Omaha scene for years (even before their band took shape) and they’ve seen too many bands getting put down for no good reason.  Some people like to hate on certain genres and the result is bands not getting a fair shake. Therefore, A Choking Melody has strived to be a positive force in their scene and demonstrate equal opportunity support to any band in any genre. The way they see it, it’s all about building the Omaha scene and maintaining a sense of community.

A Choking Melody describes their sound as post-metalcore/awesomecore and pride themselves on putting on a raucous, invigorating show…and they do deliver. Keep your pretty little eyes peeled for upcoming shows on 2012 by checking out their Facebook.

Current Lineup:

Jeremy Childers: Vocals/Programming – Is the shortest person in the band and is Asian.

Nick Chalupa: Guitar/Backing Vocals –  Is white and his last name really is Chalupa

Carlos Alvarez: Bass – AKA: DPR (Dirty Puerto Rican) We remind him constantly and he has recently accepted the new name.

Benjamin Gonzalez: Keys/Synth –  Ben is gay and he's Mexican. That's about it.

Connect With The Band:

The Evil That Men Do

We cant keep supporting an industry that does nothing but sh*t on us and our environment. They are killing us and our environment for personal gain. Normally when people kill other people it’s a crime and cigarette companies kill approx. 400,000 people a year. We need to stand up to one of the most notorious serial killers of our time and stop the body count.

Punk + Blues = Metal

Wait, what? Somehow, someway, Omaha’s The Evil That Men Do combined their collective past into a musical voice that focuses on the future. The 5-piece band is comprised of friends who were formerly in separate punk and blues bands but now, have come together to form a metal/hardcore band that still draws from past experience.

The Evil That Men Do have been together for about a year and a half and odds are, you’ve seen them at a show in NE, because (let’s be honest) they’ve been ripping your eardrums a new one for the better part of their tenure and have made a name for themselves in the local scene.

You can catch The Evil That Men Do live on December 2nd at The Commons with Farewell to Freeway, Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, Koji & White Wives. Also, keep your sparkly little eyes peeled for a fan appreciation show in January.

Current Lineup:

Tyler Miller (Guitar) – Illegitimate child of Ace Frehley

Dylan Luttrell (Guitar) – Illegitimate child of Ace Frehley

Pat Newman (Bass) – Illegitimate child of Ace Frehley

Will Holdcroft (Drums) – Illegitimate child of Ace Frehley

Holland Ludwick (Vocals) – Illegitimate child of Ace Frehley

Connect With The Band:

Take Me To Vegas

Think about it. You're paying approximately $2500 a year to slowly deteriorate your body into nothing. Does that make sense? I didn't think so.

Who says Craigslist is only for apartments, cheap couches and tickets to that sold out Nickelback concert. Ok…ok, Nickelback couldn’t sell out a closet but the point is, you can find literally everything on Craigs; even a band.

Take Me To Vegas has been together about a year now and it’s all thanks to Josh posting an ad on CL looking for a band looking for a vocalist. As fate had it, Brad was in a band that needed one. Boom! Just like that, Take Me To Vegas was born.

The band finds inspiration in daily life and strives to write music that expresses what they see, think and feel but always try to keep it true to the tone they originally set their sights on. With their blend of punk and power pop, Omaha’s own Take Me To Vegas is one of the more lively acts you can catch around town. Keep you eyes peeled for a slew of upcoming sows, included shows in Omaha and Lincoln.

Current Lineup:

Josh (Vocals) – Make some seriously annoying noises sometimes

Brad (Keys, Guitar Vocals) – Loves both NSYNC and Backstreet

Blake (Guitar, Vocals) – Likes strange pizza toppings

Alex (Bass) – Adores long walks on the beach

Andrew (Drums) – Is handy with a samurai sword

Connect With The Band:

Love Your Betrayer

Smoking is like paying someone to kill you, they're rich, you're dead.

On May 9th, 2010 three friends came together to form the band they had always talked about forming. Over a year later, that dream only lives on with one of the original three but the outcome is more than worth a few casualties.

Love Your Betrayer is a 4 –piece post-hardcore/metalcore band from Kaysville, UT. The band mixes clean vocals with throaty screams for an overall sound that’s chaotic by design. Its hard, fast and loud…and everything a good metalcore band should be.

The boys in the band draw inspiration from such bands as A Day To Remember and August Burns Red but also find inspiration in the music that their peers in other local acts make.

Currently the band underwent some personnel changes so there aren’t any shows on the immediate horizon but once the new guys get all caught up with the set list, be on the lookout for new shows. LYB is also currently looking for a new bassist, so if you play or know someone who does, hit them up on their Facebook.

Current Lineup:

Derek W. (Clean Vocals) – Has been in the band no longer than a week before we won the contest

JT (Guitar/Screams)- Has been to almost every state of the U.S.

Nate (Guitar)- Lit himself on fire while riding a skateboard

Derek M. (Drums) – Is a certified Elect

Connect With The Band:

I Capture Castle

We’re not here to fit in. We’re not here to be taken advantage of,  manipulated, or be told how to act. We’re here to be individuals.; proud of who we are, what we stand for, and what we love. Don’t pollute the scene with conformity.

The heavy metal/electronic aural assailants known as I Capture Castle hail from SLC and the band is comprised of 6 guys with no shortage of musical talent or willingness to evolve.

The band originated in 2009 but didn’t find its current lineup or shape until March of this year. Drummer, Donny, declined a percussion scholarship back in ’09 to pursue his own musical interests and started a band with Marcus. The original band, Throw Me The Rope, laid the framework for what would eventually become I Capture Castle. At the time, however, Marcus was playing bass but as the band evolved he found his way behind the mic, where he currently resides as the band’s frontman.

The 6 members of the band all contribute different perspectives to the creative process, which can be somewhat eclectic considering that most of the band also dabbles in other musical projects in different genres – an attribute that helps I Capture Castle’s sound never get stale.

Tune into the band’s Facebook page for updates on their upcoming “Epilepsy On The Dance Floor Tour,” on which they will headline on the West Coast. Also be sure to catch them opening for Hawthorne Heights on October 14th & Everyone Dies in Utah on November 7th.

Current Lineup:

<strong>Marcus (vocals) –</strong> Didn’t realize he could scream until he joined the band

<strong>James (keys/vocals) –</strong> Has an acoustic side project & a rap project

<strong>Jeff (guitar) –</strong> Does vocals in a grindcore band and guitar in a thrash band

<strong>Trey (guitar) –</strong> Does vocals in a rap group

<strong>Nick (bass) –</strong> Plays guitar in a thrash band and makes rap beats

<strong>Donny (drums) –</strong> Does vocals in a thrash band

Connect With The Band:

Everything Goes

Smoking is an addiction that controls your daily habits, shortens your

life and costs a lot of money.

3-piece punk outfit, Everything Goes commandeered the voting for Band of the Month and edged out the competition. Despite having been together for less than a year, Everything Goes is already well on their way to a fulfilling venture into song writing and performance, as is evident by the number of votes they accrued.

The band formed 11 months ago after Sean and Jeff met via Craigslist and began jamming. They went through their first drummer rather quickly but weren’t willing to give up on their common goal; inspiring Sean to recruit his buddy, Nick to take over the drumming responsibilities. With a solid lineup in place, Everything Goes got right to work on songwriting on recorded their first album shortly thereafter.

When asked about how the 3 members channel their inspiration into one cohesive sound, the band said “All three of us have pretty similar tastes in music. Most of our songs are just about life in general. We try to learn how to be better musicians from each and every band that we come in contact with.”

Current Lineup:

Sean Holohan- Guitar/Vocals

Jeff Knapp- Bass/Vocals

Nick Meier- Drums

Connect With The Band:

My Final Estate

We've all dealt with smokers in our past and it's always just a huge buzzkill. We come from all walks of life and have seen and been in the heart of that habit and are just 100% against it at this point. The tests the tobacco companies run and the chemicals smokers put in their bodies are sick!

What better way to celebrate your first anniversary as a band than to win the competition for Blacklist’s Band of the Month.  My Final Estate is a 5-piece metal band hailing from Ogden, UT that formed back in March 2010 but mark their official ‘start’ in May 2010 when the lineup was finalized.

Nick, James, & Cory had played in bands previously but hadn’t quite honed in on the sound that they desired. When they finally decided to focus on the common influences they shared ( A Day To Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, The Word Alive, etc.), the band began taking shape. Soon after, they recruited Marcus’ vocal abilities online and after they all meshed well, Marcus brought his buddy, Ryan, in to take on the bass responsibilities. My Final Estate has been going strong and steady ever since.

As a band, their biggest inspiration comes from the love of performing; these guys just want to put on the best show they can every time.
“Our music is written with a mix of heavy metalcore with some soft pop melodies and we even toss in a few brutal breakdowns that down-tempo a ton. All-in-all we just like the music that comes out of us–and showing it off is our favorite thing to do,” the band explains.

To keep up with the band and to find out which stage they’re tearing up next, cart your rear end over to their Facebook page.

Current Lineup:

Marcus (Vocals) – Marcus was actually into hip hop and recorded a rap CD before getting involved with the metal scene.
Cory (Guitar) – Cory records all of our music.
James (Guitar) – His parents don't know he's in a band–if they did he'd probably be shipped off to Mars.
Ryan (Bass) – Ryan plays almost every show on a baby-bass that's tinier than our guitars.
Nick (Drums) – Well, he likes to "partay".

Connect With The Band:

Cold Steel

We don't like the sneaky advertising that tobacco companies use to get people to smoke!

With over 200 shows under their collective belt, Omaha’s own, Cold Steel is not only tearing it up in Nebraska but soon: the world.

The band was formed in 2005 when brothers, Matt & Alex, went and tried out for an auditioning band that their uncle clued them in on. At the time, the members were in the 12 – 14 age range but despite the young age, the commitment stuck and over years later, Cold Steel is cranking out increasingly better hard rock with every release.

Cold Steel cut an EP in 2007 then followed up with a debut full-length, entitled Forgotten Tragedy in 2008. Currently, you can download Forgotten Tragedy on your Xbox to play on Rockband Network. You can catch Cold Steel live this summer as they tour across the Midwest, included a stop at LaRocFest 2011 on Memorial Day

Current Lineup:

Alex (Vocals, Guitar) – Born 5 minutes before Matt (they’re twins)

Matt (Lead Guitar, Vocals) – Custom built his guitar

Gage (Drums) – Is an honor student and accomplished jazz drummer

Garret (Bass, Vocals) – Loves him some Asking Alexandria

Connect With The Band:

Fire In the Skies

Why would you want to kill yourself slowly and smell terrible in the process?

Hailing from Ogden, Fire in the Skies has been churning out relentless metal tunes since 2009. Five members strong, the band has had growing success since their formation and that doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

Mark, Brad and Nic have been in bands together for nearly a decade and, for various reasons, hadn’t been able to make anything stick until they teamed up with Scott and Zack. As a band, they couldn’t be any happier or prouder with their finished product. Like-minded and pursuing a common goal, the band will release their new record, What Have We Become on June 21st.

You can catch Fire in the Skies (who draw their name from The Seventh Circle, from Dante’s Inferno) on the Surrender The Booty Tour with Parley at the end of April, as well as CD Release shows in Ogden (at The Basement) and Salt Lake (at The Avalon) on June 17 and 18.

For more info, check out Fire in the Skies.

Current Lineup:

Nic (Guitar) – Loves the Utah Jazz more than most things in life.

Brad (Vocals)- Loves Star Wars, and has tattoos of it all over the place.

Mark (Bass)- Builds custom motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATVS; and works on a ranch.

Scott (Drums)- Is an awesome photographer.

Zack (Guitar)- Is an amazing producer, and is producing our upcoming record.

Connect With The Band:

Get Scared

We are all huge fans of music and just creating it. As far as what inspires our sound, it can be anything from Slipknot to Michael Jackson.

Get Scared takes great pride in their music and it shows upon first listen. They have a sound that is equally brutal and clean; a balance between energetic song writing and a quality recording ethic. Blacklist is proud to have Layton, UT’s own get Scared as Band of the Month.

The band has been together since 2008 but members had been friends for years before that. After initially realizing that they wanted something more than they were getting at the time from their jobs and other musical ventures, the guys in Get Scared concentrated full time on the band. Diving in head first, they quit their jobs, other bands and severed what ties they needed to in order to make the band successful – and it looks to be paying off.

Get Scared is currently on the Dead Masquerade Tour along with Escape The Fate, Alesana, Motionless In White and Drive A, and yes, they’re loving every minute of it. Be sure to check out Get Scared.

Current Lineup:

Nicholas (Vocals) – Loves recording Justin Bieber covers

Johnny B (Guitar)- is a tattoo artist

Lloyd  (Guitar)- loves recording black metal

Dan (Drums) – does yoga before each show

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