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4 years ago five friends formed a band that would serve as an ever-evolving musical experiment open to any influence while staying true to each members’ own tastes. When it came time to find a name for this band they wanted something that summed up their endless toil and dedication nice and concisely. Naturally, they went with Superior.

Superior is a progressive metal band hailing from Omaha, NE. The band is comprised of James Morgan, Cole Brown, Randy Edwards, Kelton Davis & Kyle Fitch; longtime friends and no strangers to the Omaha music scene. Every member has been involved in music for some time and they have (individually) contributed to many Omaha and Grand Island bands before coming together as Superior.

Superior doesn’t limit themselves to any one genre when it comes to influence. They like to keep an open mind and with 5 guys in the band, differing opinion and inputs are inevitable. Instead, they embrace new ideas and sounds and incorporate it into their writing process. The result is a well-rounded sound that cant be pigeonholed by the standard confines of what is considered “metal.” These guys have a passion for making music and it shows in their work.

Current Lineup:

James Morgan – Vocals

Cole Brown – Guitar

Randy Edwards – Guitar

Kelton Davis – Drums

Kyle Fitch – Bass Guitar

Connect With The Band:

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