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Video games + Metalcore = Dawnbreaker

Ok, ok so maybe the math doesn’t work out that cleanly but this 5-piece metalcore band did derive their name from a sword in Skyrim and the guys in the band indulge in retro games in their downtime. So you know, pretty close.

Although two members are originally from Harlan Iowa, all 5 guys reside in Lincoln and it’s home. The band has been at it for a year and a half and, like most bands, was forged out of the remnants of previous bands. Musically speaking, Dawnbreaker compares themselves to As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive and circa 2009 Miss May I.

Dawnbreaker recently wrapped up some time in the studio (and were unanimously pleased with the outcome) so no new shows to report right at the moment but fear not – there will be soon. Be sure to stay tuned for more Dawnbreaker news and catch a show; you’ll be glad you did.

Current Lineup:

Steven Thiem (Bass) – was in the military

Nathan Schwery (Guitar) – was born dead

Adam Cave (Drums) – didn’t start playing drums until after high school

Connor Gifford (Vocals) – is a classically trained pianist

Chris MEATBRICK Ware (Guitar) – loves him some golf

Connect With The Band:

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