A Choking Melody

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A Choking Melody has technically been around since December 2010 but solidified their permanent lineup in July of 2011. The band is a well-known fixture in the Omaha scene, which is exactly what they want.

The band has been involved in the Omaha scene for years (even before their band took shape) and they’ve seen too many bands getting put down for no good reason.  Some people like to hate on certain genres and the result is bands not getting a fair shake. Therefore, A Choking Melody has strived to be a positive force in their scene and demonstrate equal opportunity support to any band in any genre. The way they see it, it’s all about building the Omaha scene and maintaining a sense of community.

A Choking Melody describes their sound as post-metalcore/awesomecore and pride themselves on putting on a raucous, invigorating show…and they do deliver. Keep your pretty little eyes peeled for upcoming shows on 2012 by checking out their Facebook.

Current Lineup:

Jeremy Childers: Vocals/Programming – Is the shortest person in the band and is Asian.

Nick Chalupa: Guitar/Backing Vocals –  Is white and his last name really is Chalupa

Carlos Alvarez: Bass – AKA: DPR (Dirty Puerto Rican) We remind him constantly and he has recently accepted the new name.

Benjamin Gonzalez: Keys/Synth –  Ben is gay and he's Mexican. That's about it.

Connect With The Band:

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