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Anestatic is 5-piece band hailing from Omaha, NE. Although they’ve only technically been together in their current formation for a year, all members have been playing in various bands in a musical career spanning a decade.

A self-proclaimed Post-Pop Punkcore band, Anestatic offers up a taste of punk, metal, post-hardcore and even a little experimental element. With dual signing and screaming vocals, the band has a nice depth of sound that not only allows for a nice deviation from the status quo but also makes for a pretty engaging live performance too.

You can catch Anestatic on June 22 At Sokol Underground with What Dwells Within. They also have upcoming shows with Soulicit on July 3rd and are making their way up to St. Paul, MN for a show on September 22nd.

Current Lineup:


Brian-Guitar, Lead Vocals


Jess Aparo-Guitar

Tyler-Screaming, Backup vocals

Connect With The Band:

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