Any Other Way

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Pop, punk, metalcore and hardcore all mashed up into one raucous package. This is Any Other Way and they have been killing it in Utah since 2011. They are also the Blacklist Band of the Month for November 2012.

The 4-piece band is based out of Ogden, UT but only two members (Justin and Kyle) are from Ogden. Brian is from South Carolina and Dave is a born and bred Buckeye from Ohio. Justin and Kyle had been making music together for a couple years but decided to solidify a permanent band and put out an ad on KSL where they met Dave and Brian and became the band you see today.

Any Other Way plays a mix of all of their influences. Be it pop, mainstream, hardcore or whatever. They don’t limit themselves to a single genre. Instead they play what moves them with their own trademark sound to it. It’s diverse, energetic and scores an even 11 out of 10 points in awesomeness. Check out Any other Way’s Facebook page for updates and upcoming shows.

Current Lineup:

Brian (Drums) – Shares a birthday with Denzel Washington

David (Guitar) – Loves soccer

Kyle (Vocals, Bass) – Two days younger than Justin

Justin (Vocals, Guitar) – Loves sushi

Connect With The Band:

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