Blessed Are The Merciless

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If Omaha has a face, then Blessed are the Merciless have been tearing that sucker off for 6 years.  They play loud, fast and heavy and cover all the major cores: death, hard and metal. This 5-piece writes and performs some top-notch music and its pretty much a no brainer making them Blacklist’s Band of the Month.

Six years ago, Kapree and a former bandmate formed what would become BATM. 3 years  and countless shows later, the only member still in the band was Kapree himself. Forced to either let the band die, start a one man band and tour carnivals or use the opportunity to reform the band, Kapree chose the latter.  Chris Mac joined on bass and although he may not have had much stage experience at the time, he had no shortage of talent. Next Blake Harlow and Brian Brandt, who had jammed on guitar together since they were kids, joined the ranks of BATM.  Justin DeSchamp, drummer extraordinaire, filled in the last piece of the puzzle.

The band has a very progressive and melodic style. They tend to find inspiration from heartbreak, being more than yourself and arming yourself with knowledge of the world’s ongoing attempt to destroy you.

Current Lineup:

Vocals: Kapree Walton – Has a BA in journalism and once trained in pro wrestling
Guitar: Blake Harlow – Previously toured with Reflect the Silence
Guitar: Brian Bradt – Also toured with Reflect the Silence
Drums: Justin DeSchamp – Is a ninja with drumsticks
Bass: Chris Mac – This is his first band ever

Connect With The Band:

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