Choking On Air

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Like a fine wine, an aged cheese or even a Hot Pocket cooled to a safely edible temperature, some things just take a little bit of time to mature. Such was the case with Santa Fe’s own, Choking On Air. The band existed in concept since 2011 but didn’t exist physically until December of 2012. After a little trial and error, mismatches and lineup changes, Choking On Air was finally realized with John, Terren, Bridie, Tavi and George.


The band considers themselves Metalcore but they approach songwriting with a mixture of progressive metal, Djent, pop punk, hardcore, deathcore and black metal influences. The end result is an original sound accompanied with vocals that touch on a range of topics from political corruption to bullying to anxiety & depression to religious corruption to civil rights and any number of the members’ personal experiences. Although the band is into bands like Rise Against, Periphery and Of Mice and Men, they strive to not sound like anyone else.


Choking On Air performs pretty regularly at Warehouse 21 in Santa Fe but you can also catch them occasionally in Albuquerque. Also, be on the lookout for a Friday the 13th show and an appearance in Slapstick’s Rock and Roll Anti-Competition. You can get your hands on their debut EP at any of these shows.

Current Lineup:

John (Drums) – Is a loner.

Bridie (Bass, Vocals) – Digs Lao Tzu.

George (Guitar, Clean Vocals) – Puts the “pop” in punk.

Tavi (Keyboard, Vocals) – Is short and angry and also, is a houseplant.

Terren (Vocals) – Breaks everything (including himself).

Connect With The Band:

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