Cold Steel

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With over 200 shows under their collective belt, Omaha’s own, Cold Steel is not only tearing it up in Nebraska but soon: the world.

The band was formed in 2005 when brothers, Matt & Alex, went and tried out for an auditioning band that their uncle clued them in on. At the time, the members were in the 12 – 14 age range but despite the young age, the commitment stuck and over years later, Cold Steel is cranking out increasingly better hard rock with every release.

Cold Steel cut an EP in 2007 then followed up with a debut full-length, entitled Forgotten Tragedy in 2008. Currently, you can download Forgotten Tragedy on your Xbox to play on Rockband Network. You can catch Cold Steel live this summer as they tour across the Midwest, included a stop at LaRocFest 2011 on Memorial Day

Current Lineup:

Alex (Vocals, Guitar) – Born 5 minutes before Matt (they’re twins)

Matt (Lead Guitar, Vocals) – Custom built his guitar

Gage (Drums) – Is an honor student and accomplished jazz drummer

Garret (Bass, Vocals) – Loves him some Asking Alexandria

Connect With The Band:

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