Collapsing Skies

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Its always refreshing when a band is formed out of pure desire rather than as a side project or just something to experiment with. Such is the case with Albuquerque’s own, Collapsing Skies. Five people who all love the Metalcore genre making music together for the love of the music itself. Awesome.

The band has only been together for a few months but has already been making waves (come on, they’re our Band of the Month, folks). They played their first show months back, opening for New Years Day – a moment that really helped the band get started on the right foot. Not every band plays their first show opening for a touring act.

The  band enjoys playing music together but, for the most part, Skyy (bass) handles the song writing. Although the band says that many of the experiences that inspire their music is experienced together or is a community effort.

You can catch Collapsing Skies playing the Second To End EP release show and you can follow the band on Facebook to be sure you never miss out on a chance to catch them live.

Current Lineup:

Skyy (Bass/Clean Vocals): gets distracted by shiny things, wears all black 99.9% of the time and likes Pokemon
Nate (Lead Vocals): Loves Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon
Antonio (Guitar/Vocals): Enjoys exercising and likes video games
Zak (Guitar): eats a lot of candy and loves Star Wars, batman, and Dragon Ball Z
Jake (Drums/Vocals): Enjoys thrash and black metal

Connect With The Band:

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