December Deceive

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Since February 2013, December Deceive has been tearing Albuquerque a new one. The female fronted, aggressive alternative band has taken some big strides since their inception and it all came to be by random chance.

The band was formed after a Red Jumpsuit Apparatus show at their school. When the band finished their set, the would-be members were left alone in the room and began jamming on the equipment. They sounded good together and it all meshed perfectly. Thus December Deceive was born. They played a couple shows, including the school talent show and went through some small lineup changes before finalizing the 5-piece group they currently have.


To date, their most important show was playing at lead singer, Katelin’s TEDxABQ women’s speech. Not only was it a great performance but it also held (and continues to hold) a strong social significance, being that female fronted bands are few and far between. Lets be real, rock is mostly a boy’s club.


December Deceive exhibits some elements of Paramore, The Beatles, Fall out Boy, Blink-182 and even a tiny of Cannibal Corpse. If you’d like to experience it for yourself, the band has some scattered shows throughout the next couple months so check out their Facebook page for more info on all that.


Current Lineup:

Katelin (Vocals/Manager) – Is also a Special FX Makeup Artist

Andrew (Guitar) – Obsessed with Dragon Ball Z

Jordan (Drums) – Loves the color orange

Raymond (Guitar) – Wants to look like Keith Richards

Nick (Bass) – Loves Cannibal Corpse and…The Beatles

Connect With The Band:

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