Devil In The Details

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Devil in the Details is a 5-piece post-hardcore band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska that has quickly taken the scene by storm with their professional sound.

The guys in the band have been at it for just over a year but they are no strangers to music or the local scene. They’ve been members of previous Omaha bands and as if it were fate, found their way to each other. Sean and Cody had wanted to name a band Devil in the Details but shelved the idea until they got the chance. Well, their lucky day came when they teamed with Cass, Matt, and Aaron, and the band as we know it was born.

Musically speaking, Devil in the Details bears some resemblance to Architects, Underoath, and Beartooth, but don’t take our word for it – see them and decide for yourself. You can catch Devil in the Details live on may 30th, but wait! There’s more! You can grab their brand new EP for a mere $2 at the door. Get on it.

Current Lineup:

Cassidy Riege (guitar) – Long lost brother to the lead singer of <em>fun.</em>

Matt Lund (drums) – Loves Bring Me The Horizon

Cody Pedersen (bass/vocals) – Wrestled a bear once

Sean Sorensen (vocals) – Used to have a pet raccoon

Aaron Koenig (guitar) – Turns into a werewolf during full moons

Connect With The Band:

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