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Elusis is a hard-hitting metal band…er – strike that. Start over. Elusis is a hard-hitting metal guy from Salt Lake City. That’s right guys, our Band of the Month is a one-man band and in the world of metal, there aren’t too many of them.

The lone member of Elusis is Vincent Traylor. He writes and records all of the instrumental aspects of his music and even plays the drums live. It’s not that Vincent doesn’t play well with others, it’s just that he has the ability to make every song completely his own and when you have that kind of musical foresight, why not? Vincent is always open to collaborations and experiments with other artists too.

Vincent finds inspiration from Meshuggah, Marilyn Manson, Whitechapel, Tool and NIN among others. In his own words “anything that symbolizes sinister, relentless and raw evil” is what helps him shape his sound.

Elusis doesn’t currently have any new shows coming up but Vincent has been writing like a mad man and will be recording in much higher quality than in the past, so keep a look out for some fresh new metal from Elusis in the near future.

Current Lineup:

Vincent Traylor – Everything

Connect With The Band:

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