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In a musical landscape where every band defines themselves by the attributes of other bands, it’s refreshing to see a band that doesn’t try to sound like anything in particular and doesn’t care how they’re viewed. Case and point: Follow Silence.

Follow Silence is a 5-piece band from Albuquerque that have been together since 2010. They find themselves typically classified as a post-hardcore band but don’t feel like it’s a completely honest classification. In fact, the band likes to refer to themselves as “Groovecore,” a genre that vocalist, Rico defines as “heavy hits with sexy licks.” As if that weren’t original enough, (most of) the band are big time Magic: The Gathering players and couldn’t care less if anyone likes it, hates it or thinks it’s nerdy. They are what they are and in a scene where everyone tries to be someone else, it’s a nice change of pace.

The band, who once played “The After After Show,” is focusing more on writing new material right now than playing a slew of shows but they do have a confirmed show at Amped Performance Center coming up in May and are leaving the possibility for a few more shows open.

Current Lineup:

Eric (Lead Guitar) – "I'm Eric, and I like eating cheesy gordita crunches from Taco Bell along with a smooth chaser of Baja Blast."

Jamil (Drums) – "My name is Jamil, AKA, the beast master, and I watch a lot of anime."

Jordan (Rhythm Guitar) – "I like learning about the universe, I hope to be a physicist."

Rico (Vocals) – "I am the biggest How I Met Your Mother Nerd."

Eugene (Vocals) – Fun Fact: Severe Aichmophobia (Fear of inoculation/sharp objects)"

Stewart (Bass) – "My name is Stew and I play way too much Pokemon and Magic."

Connect With The Band:

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