For The Empire

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What started out as a nonchalant jam session about a year ago, grew into something more. For the 5 members of For The Empire, forming a band wasn’t necessarily the goal but it became the outcome and they couldn’t be any happier with how it turned out.

Members Jake and Tyler had played together in a previous band and had made plenty of friends who are also musicians thanks to their involvement in the scene. After a jam session with friends last August, they realized that they had a dynamic that deserved more than fleeting attention. So, they kept playing with Alex, Andrew and Ben and eventually became the solid lineup that we know as For The Empire today.

The band loves having the opportunity to play for friends and supporters who love their music and want to see the scene grow. You can catch For The Empire live at Sokol Underground on July 23rd for the I Set My Friends On Fire & the Color Morale show. They will also be in Des Moines, Iowa in September for an outdoor music festival. Check out For the Empire and see why they’re the Blacklist Band of the Month.

Current Lineup:

Alex (drums) – The youngster. Just graduated and is working on starting a drum company

Tyler (guitar) – Loves death metal

Andrew (guitar/vocals) – The last of the members to join, he produces and makes beats for a local Phoenix hip-hop artist "J-Fro"

Jake (vocals/guitar) – Played in a band for 5 years now doing vocals, the last band was also with the guitarist Tyler

Ben (bass) – Had no bass playing skills at all when we started the group but has developed very fast and continues to improve

Connect With The Band:

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