Ghosts Of Ruin

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Since late summer 2010, Ghosts of Ruin have been assaulting eardrums in Omaha, Nebraska. The 5-piece metalcore band comes at you with a heavy, hard-hitting sound that is both powerful and musically tight.

Although the band plays metal, all 5 members have different musical interests outside of the band and Ghosts of Ruin sees that as creative plus. With differing input, the band is able to write songs that aren’t stereotypical metal – in fact they push the boundaries of the genre and challenge the preconceived idea of what genre is. The way the band sees it, the genre is all about evolving and Ghosts of Ruin is all for it…coincidence that they have a “Darwin” in the band?

Current Lineup:

Trevor (Guitar): Had a baby girl.

Noal (Guitar): Has a green thumb.

Greg (Vocals): Is great with computers.

Darwin (Drums): Speed freak!

Andy (Bass): Helps out the homeless.

Connect With The Band:

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