I Capture Castle

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The heavy metal/electronic aural assailants known as I Capture Castle hail from SLC and the band is comprised of 6 guys with no shortage of musical talent or willingness to evolve.

The band originated in 2009 but didn’t find its current lineup or shape until March of this year. Drummer, Donny, declined a percussion scholarship back in ’09 to pursue his own musical interests and started a band with Marcus. The original band, Throw Me The Rope, laid the framework for what would eventually become I Capture Castle. At the time, however, Marcus was playing bass but as the band evolved he found his way behind the mic, where he currently resides as the band’s frontman.

The 6 members of the band all contribute different perspectives to the creative process, which can be somewhat eclectic considering that most of the band also dabbles in other musical projects in different genres – an attribute that helps I Capture Castle’s sound never get stale.

Tune into the band’s Facebook page for updates on their upcoming “Epilepsy On The Dance Floor Tour,” on which they will headline on the West Coast. Also be sure to catch them opening for Hawthorne Heights on October 14th & Everyone Dies in Utah on November 7th.

Current Lineup:

<strong>Marcus (vocals) –</strong> Didn’t realize he could scream until he joined the band

<strong>James (keys/vocals) –</strong> Has an acoustic side project & a rap project

<strong>Jeff (guitar) –</strong> Does vocals in a grindcore band and guitar in a thrash band

<strong>Trey (guitar) –</strong> Does vocals in a rap group

<strong>Nick (bass) –</strong> Plays guitar in a thrash band and makes rap beats

<strong>Donny (drums) –</strong> Does vocals in a thrash band

Connect With The Band:

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