Impaled Offering

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Straight out of ABQ, Impaled Offering is a 4-piece audio slaughter that plays with an aggression as heavy as their name would suggest and on top of that, they are our Band of the Month.

Impaled Offering plays a mixture of Death Metal, Grind-core, Gore Grind and Black Metal. It’s heavy, it’s loud and it’s entirely unapologetic. For the guys in the band, formation wasn’t really much of an issue. Being that there wasn’t too many people in Albuquerque into Gore Grind at the time, they 4 members were able to find each other with relative ease and focus on becoming the face of the genre in New Mexico. We here at Blacklist think they’re off to a great start.

With one recording already under their belt, the band is currently taking a brief hiatus from live shows to focus on completing their second album. At the same time, the guys are also shopping around for a new label- one with wider reach, because they’ve gained fans in other states and even other countries so they’re looking to get their sound out to more people worldwide.

In the meantime, be sure to check out Impaled Offering’s Facebook for updates on both the new album and future live shows.

Current Lineup:

Ben Segura (Drums) – Is a dinosaur freak and takes some flack for it.

Luis Dominguez (Bass) – Loves Magic card tournaments.

Alex Sokol (Vocals) – Is a Lions fan.

Ken Padilla (Guitar) – Plays basketball in the hood.

Connect With The Band:

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