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Morella is Albuquerque post hardcore revival at its finest, folks. The 4-piece band has just reached the toddler stage (in band-years), having only been together since February but make no mistake – Morella has made big strides in a relatively short period.

Adrian (vocals) had been in another band previously but when they split, Sonya (drums) asked him to come join her band at the time. Well…things went south. That former band = R.I.P. The god news is, they decided to forge a new band from the ashes of previous efforts and brought in Michael (bass) and Josh (guitar) to form something new; Morella. The band’s name is derived from an Edgar Allen Poe story whom Sonya is a huge fan of.

Musically speaking, the band has some similarities to Oceans Ate Alaska, Sleeping With Sirens and Like Moths to Flames. You can catch Morella playing with Sworn on July 24th at The Co-op.

Current Lineup:

Sonya Carman (Drums) – Loves science, microbiology and genetics

Michael Cave (Bass) – Is a face painter/aspiring tattoo artist

Adrian Rosas (Vocals) – Record, films and produces all the band’s videos

Josh Gamboa (Guitar) – Is an accountant

Connect With The Band:

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