My Final Estate

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What better way to celebrate your first anniversary as a band than to win the competition for Blacklist’s Band of the Month.  My Final Estate is a 5-piece metal band hailing from Ogden, UT that formed back in March 2010 but mark their official ‘start’ in May 2010 when the lineup was finalized.

Nick, James, & Cory had played in bands previously but hadn’t quite honed in on the sound that they desired. When they finally decided to focus on the common influences they shared ( A Day To Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, The Word Alive, etc.), the band began taking shape. Soon after, they recruited Marcus’ vocal abilities online and after they all meshed well, Marcus brought his buddy, Ryan, in to take on the bass responsibilities. My Final Estate has been going strong and steady ever since.

As a band, their biggest inspiration comes from the love of performing; these guys just want to put on the best show they can every time.
“Our music is written with a mix of heavy metalcore with some soft pop melodies and we even toss in a few brutal breakdowns that down-tempo a ton. All-in-all we just like the music that comes out of us–and showing it off is our favorite thing to do,” the band explains.

To keep up with the band and to find out which stage they’re tearing up next, cart your rear end over to their Facebook page.

Current Lineup:

Marcus (Vocals) – Marcus was actually into hip hop and recorded a rap CD before getting involved with the metal scene.
Cory (Guitar) – Cory records all of our music.
James (Guitar) – His parents don't know he's in a band–if they did he'd probably be shipped off to Mars.
Ryan (Bass) – Ryan plays almost every show on a baby-bass that's tinier than our guitars.
Nick (Drums) – Well, he likes to "partay".

Connect With The Band:

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