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We, as a band, believe the Tobacco industry to be nothing but a brute, waste of space. Plain and simple. We have seen the damage it has caused in our own families. A grandmother that has been battling cancer for over 4 years and now is losing. It does nothing but take valuable life and destroys it. Losing people you care about to this industry should be enough to let people know that they need to stand up against this thing and walk away from it. It isn’t causing you any harm to leave it behind you and out of mind.” – Oculus

Oculus is a 5-piece metalcore/post-hardcore beast that rules the land of Lehi, UT. The band has been in existence for almost a year and a half but already have a sound and composure years beyond their own.


For the five guys in Oculus, music was nothing new. Everyone had previously been in bands and most had even played together before but when Oculus was forged out of the death of former bands, something just felt right. Originally called From Within, the band switched to Oculus after giving that name away to their first song. Oculus was chosen based on horror films and all the guys found it to be a much better fit.


When the guys in the band aren’t busy playing “Oculus Ball” (ask them about it) they approach song writing by starting with guitars then adding each element one at a time, so as not to confuse or over saturate the process. According to the band, their sound is tough to classify but they say they sound like a mix of Chelsea Grin, The Word Alive, The Devil Wears Prada, Make Them Suffer and even Born of Osiris.


You can look forward to the release of the very first Oculus EP, recorded by none other than Pablo Viveros of Chelsea Grin, sometime this summer with a release show to coincide. They will also be performing a battle of the bands on May 2nd and have a show with Fighting the Phoenix on June 8th.



About the band:

Jaden Barnes (Drums) – Former pro Rollerblader

Logan Featherstone (Guitar) – Loves basketball

Ethan Olsen (Guitar) – Has 12 siblings

Tristin Burton (Clean Vocals) – Has worked at Gamestop

Eli McQuillan (Harsh Vocals) – Huge horror buff

Current Lineup:

Connect With The Band:

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