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Ossatura is a 5-piece progressive death metal band straight out of Salt Lake City. The band draws inspiration from Avenged Sevenfold and Suicide Silence among others and they’ve been at it for about a year now. Vocalist, Vice, had originally formed a different band but after a few lineup changes the band morphed into what we now know as Ossatura.

The band approaches songwriting much like they approach the general concept of being in a band: it’s a brotherhood. Everyone is involved and everyone gets a say. Individual experiences play a role in the creative process but every song you hear is ultimately a team effort.

Ossatura, which is Italian for “Skeleton” by the way, has a big show coming up on 4th of July. You can follow the band on Facebook and get updates on new shows and new tunes. Check them out!

Current Lineup:

Sane (Lead Guitar) – Made the album artwork

Vice (Vocals) – Taught himself how to vocalize

Z (Bass) – Has a lot of punk influence in his writing

Eric (Rhythm Guitar) – Makes bomb food

Brian (Drums)- Is a very quick learner

Connect With The Band:

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