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Rectitude is a 4-piece metal band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska. Currently, the band is scouring the planet in search of a new bassist but that hasn’t stopped them from earning the title of Blacklist Band of the Month!

About 6 months ago, current band members Elliott, Connor and Luke are high school buddies who started a band because they thought it sounded like a cool idea being that they were all music fans. Shortly thereafter, they realized that they had a real connection and meshed together well as songwriters. A short time later Cole was introduced to the band by a mutual friend and Rectitude became the solid, 4-man, metal machine that you see today.

The band draws inspiration from bands like The Ghost Inside, The Burial, and Volumes but nothing gives them the same type of inspiration that their spirituality does. All 4 members hold strongly to their Christian beliefs and use it to give their music a sense of strength and hope.

Current Lineup:

Cole Brown (Rhythm Guitar) – Enjoys “coning” in his free time (Youtube it, genius)

Luke Sullivan (Lead Guitar) – Loves him some Kings of Leon, Sinatra, Dean Martin and even Boston.

Elliott Gates (Vocals) – Takes really long showers

Connor Stirewalt (Drums) – “Yes."

Connect With The Band:

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