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The five members come from all over but their paths crossed in Ogden, UT and thankfully so, otherwise your cute little ears may never have been blessed with the all out audio assault that is Subversa.

Subversa is a metal/progressive/post-hardcore group (in case you weren’t in the know). Although only two current members serve as founding members of the band, they feel that their current lineup is solid as a rock and the most musically talented in the life of the band. All members are working on side projects while maintaining Subversa as the main project.

“We try to incorporate a lot of genres within Subversa as well. We just all like metal the most so Subversa is our main project. Our main goal with this band is just creating something different. Not so different that there is no one that get’s it, but different enough to stand out in such a cookie cutter scene,” says the band.

Subversa will be playing At Muse in Provo on October 13th for the final Becoming Everest show. After that, they’ll take a short break from performances to focus on finishing their upcoming EP, due out in November/December

Current Lineup:

Devin (Vocals): He enjoys straightening his hair

Tyler (Bass): He enjoys playing World of Warcraft instead of practicing his bass parts

Zach (Drums): Enjoys eating, obviously

Jeff (Guitar): Likes boys

Blue (Guitar): Douche

Connect With The Band:

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