The Audacitours

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The Audacitours are an indie/punk band from Omaha, NE. This 4-man band draws from such an eclectic list of influences that they’ve always found it difficult to define their sound with standard genre labels. Therefore, Alex (guitar & vocals) created the term “Nuclear Pop” to describe the diverse range of tunes that they incorporate. It’s an explosion of many sounds, melded into one. Good stuff. Their influences include Male Bonding, Taking Back Sunday, Sunny Day Real Estate, Radiohead, Title Fight, Cloud Nothings, Cursive, Texas is the Reason and The Dead Milkmen among others.

The band has been at it since December 2012. Alex and Corey were in a band called Sex Question Mark together, while Gage and Gavin were in a band called Conspiracy of Ravens. Fate brought them together and soon they left their previous bands behind and opted to start a new one. Instead of combining previous bands names into one (Sex Ravens, Question Mark Conspiracy, or maybe Questioning Raven Sex) they decided upon The Audacitours; a play on the word “audacity” and a reference to their bold sound.

The Audacitours are currently wrapping up their debut EP, entitled “Bean EP.” The EP is named after Alex’s girlfriend’s cat. Be on the lookout for shows in support of the new release in the very near future.

Current Lineup:

Alex (Guitar, Vox): Used to have a lint collection.
Corey (Drums): Is a hopeless romantic.
Gavin (Guitar, Vox): Does a surprisingly accurate Gilbert Gottfried impersonation.
Gage (Bass): Owns and sometimes plays a didgerido.

Connect With The Band:

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