The Hands Automaton

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The Hands Automaton (or “THA”) is a 5-piece rock band hailing from Tri-Cities, NE. The band has been together in its current lineup for just over a year but the members’ musical roots go years back.

In one way or another, the members of THA have been linked through previous bands they’ve been in together, or bands that they’ve shared the stage with in the past. After the band’s original roster fell apart, they found each other through persistence and a strong ambition to build the type of band they had always wanted, and talked about before, but never had the chance to form until now.

There really isn’t a single genre that encapsulates THA’s sound but it’s safe to say that they play an amalgamation of their various musical interests, or “everything rock,” as stated on their Facebook page. They draw inspiration from life, family, God, anger and even their differences as fellow band members. In terms of influence, they like Zao, Taking Back Sunday, Silverstein, Fugazi and Gallows to touch the tip of the musical iceberg.

Current Lineup:

Brian (Guitar) – Rubs chocolate pudding under his armpits <em>every</em> morning

Jordan (Bass/Vocals) – Has never washed his feet. Not even on Easter.

Pablo (Drums/Vocals) – Is straight outta Chile (The Compton of South America)

Josh (Vocals/Guitar) – Was almost on Country Fried Home Videos

Kyle (Guitar/ Vocals) – Has the coolest dog ever (Dexter)

Connect With The Band:

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