The Lament Configuration

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Cracking Ogden sidewalks and eardrums since 2011, The Lament Configuration has been blasting Utah with aggressive death metal for two years and the relentless aural assault shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

This 4-piece band plays a blend of death metal and hardcore that is equally heavy and melodic. Currently, the band is looking to add a second guitar to the lineup for a bit more depth but in the meantime, they continue to do what they do well. The Lament Configuration aspires to get signed, tour the world and bring their music to people around the globe…and that all starts here.

Fresh off a show with Winds of Plague and Static-X, the band is building clout and popularity. Be on the lookout for a probable show with Nile soon too. Stop by the band’s Facebook page to see what’s new and when you can catch their next show. You can also treat your precious little ears to some tunes and see just why The Lament Configuration is the Blacklist band of the Month.

Current Lineup:

Zach (Drums) – Is in the Guitar Center Drum-Off (already made it past the 1<sup>st</sup> round)

Justin (Guitar) – Is recording the band in his home studio

Brooklyn (Bass) – Played violin for ten years and suffers and occasional seizure

Jake (Vocals) – Has been doing vocals for bands since age 13

Connect With The Band:

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