The Perished

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The Perished is a 5-piece metalcore band from Ogden, UT. The band has been in existence for 2 years and unlike most bands, they don’t have a complicated, multilayer explanation for being band; they do it just because they love it.

Having been fans of the genre for years, the guys in The Perished decided to start a band because they all played instruments and hey, why not? What originally started as fun became serious when they added their 5th and final member, Braxton, on bass. The addition solidified the lineup and helped boost the confidence of the entire band. All 5 members are good friends and wouldn’t have it any other way. They’ve been involved in this for years and although things are getting more serious musically, the guys never forget the importance of being able to enjoy the experience.


Musically speaking, The Perished feel that they most closely resemble August Burns Red although each member has varying influences which contribute to song writing, ABR is the one band that all 5 guys mutually enjoy.


The Perished just finished playing with Outline in Color and will have more shows coming up in the hear future. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows by following the guys on Facebook.




Current Lineup:

Nick Wichmann (Guitar) – Leaves his keys locked in the car (all the time)

Blair Hunsaker (Vocals) – Addicted to Magic The Gathering

Chris Dyer (Vocals) – Also addicted to Magic

Jacob Poynor (Drums) – Dude smells, especially after practice

Braxton Morris (Bass) – Once drove through a wooden fence

Connect With The Band:

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