Type (A) Alert

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After nearly 10 years playing music together, Josh and Aaron may have finally found their niche. After playing in several fun but not overly successful bands, The duo formed what would become Type (A) Alert in 2011. The band was comprised of some good guys they knew from church and after some light instrument switch-arounds, the lineup was made solid with Zach, Brady, Aaron, Josh and William.

They find musical inspiration from bands like Emery and Subseven but have more recently taken on a harder sound, inspired by August Burns Red, The Devil Wears Prada and Haste the Day among others. In terms of voice, the band draws from their faith to find lyrics and aim. They try to be as open as they can about who they are and what they stand for – and it shows.

Type (A) Alert is currently working on recording two new songs before taking a little break until school is out. By summer they plan to play a few festivals in addition to some regular shows as well.

Current Lineup:

Aaron (Vocals): Has a beard.

Josh (guitar): Is beautiful.

William (Guitar): Works out.

Zach (Bass): Can blow bubbles off his tongue.

Brady (Drums): Is Justin Bieber.

Connect With The Band:

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