Our Warped Tour Correspondent, Kamna Talwar, had the chance to interview Bradley Walden (vocals), ER White (guitar), and Jordan Stewart (keyboards) of Emarosa while out on the Vans Warped Tour. The band recently released their fourth studio album, 131, on Hopeless Records.   Kamna: Hey guys! So, how’s the tour been so far? Bradley: Good,...

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  • Liberate

    The tobacco industry has been testing on helpless animals for decades in order to make their products more addictive. It’s time we make our voice heard and speak up against the vicious treatment of these animals.   Here’s how you can help liberate animals from the tobacco industry’s torturous treatment. Go to bit.ly/Blacklisters_Liberate Join Levi Benton, Jona...

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  • 5 Super Easy Things You Can Start Doing NOW to Help Animals

    1. Cut apart six-pack rings. The rings on six-pack soda can containers can be very harmful to animals. However, taking a few extra second to cut them apart prevents them from being permanently injured.    2. Don’t shop, adopt. Adopting a pet helps awesome animals find new forever homes. Breeders often have bad conditions for...

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  • Hardcore Valentine’s Day Cards

    Blacklist teamed up with Levi Benton, Jona Weinhofen, and Andy Hurley to take a stand against the tobacco industry’s animal testing. So this Valentine’s Day, follow these guys and show an animal some love.   Levi Benton, lead vocalist of Miss May I Jona Weinhoften, lead guitarist of I Killed The Prom Queen Andy Hurley, drummer of...

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  • Heart Support Interview

    Heart Support is a raw and authentic community where no music fan has to struggle alone. We had the chance to chat with founder, Jake Luhrs, and executive director, Ben Sledge. We learned how they got started and what they strive to accomplish.   1. Heart Support 101: Give us the lowdown in 2-3 sentences. Heart Support...

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Morella is Albuquerque post hardcore revival at its finest, folks. The 4-piece band has just reached the toddler stage (in band-years), having only been together since February but make no mistake – Morella has made big strides in a relatively short period. Adrian (vocals) had been in another band previously but when they split, Sonya