• Miss May I Interview

    Interview conducted on January 20th 2015.   Where are you from? We are a metal band from Troy, Ohio. How did the band form? Levi -Miss May I formed in high school. We were just a jam band and we started playing shows. We met Ryan and stole him from another band. We got our...

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  • Stay Metal Giveaway

    Cigarette smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals, including chemicals that can be found in heavy metals. Stay metal, don’t smoke it. Take our quiz to find out how much you know about metal music, and you’ll be entered to win weekly prizes, including Miss May I merch bundles and 5th generation 32gb iPods. Watch our video...

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  • blessthefall Interview

    Last time we checked in with BTF, you were recording demos for your latest album. What inspired the album title, ‘Hollow Bodies’, and artwork? — Hollow Bodies got its name from the empty soulless humans that walk the earth. We see a lot of people while out on the road, band members/crew, venue workers and...

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  • Interview – Real Friends

    REAL FRIENDS INTERVIEW 11.20.14 The Broadberry Richmond, VA BLACKLIST: Where are you from and how did you form? KYLE: We’re from Chicago. We formed from all being in other bands. We all knew each other from that and we all wanted to do something different and on a more serious level. So we just kind...

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  • We’re giving away $1,000

    Smoking half a pack a day costs about a thousand dollars a year. Let us know what you’d rather spend that money on. Enter our contest by sharing 1 of 4 videos we’ve provided. 5 winners will be announced on January 23rd. Click here to enter....

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Devil In The Details

Devil in the Details is a 5-piece post-hardcore band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska that has quickly taken the scene by storm with their professional sound. The guys in the band have been at it for just over a year but they are no strangers to music or the local scene. They’ve been members of previous