• Win $200 Worth Of Merch

    Animal testing by Big Tobacco is not OK. Stand with Blacklist and take a stand against the tobacco industry’s cruel animal testing. Enter our contest by submitting a photo of you and an animal friend on our Facebook page. We’ll be giving away a $200 gift card to Merch Connection every week. Click here to...

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  • Security Woes or Wins?

    It’s sort of a love/hate relationship. They can be your personal hero or the bane of your existence for the night and it’s tough to tell which version you’ll get. Security guards at shows have a job to do and 99.9% of the time they do it smashingly but, as anyone who has ever been...

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  • Be The Next Band of the Month

    Ever wondered how we find our next Band Of The Month? It’s pretty simple: they find us. Blacklist is always on the lookout for new local bands from Utah, New Mexico, and Nebraska to promote. Your band could be next, but the only way for that to happen is for you to sign up. Start...

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  • Warped Perspective

    Anyone that’s ever been to a Warped Tour may have noticed something odd. While the event itself is fairly evenly mixed with males and females in terms of attendance, you’d be hard pressed to find a band that has any females in it. The overwhelmingly male presence of Warped Tour bands has become somewhat of...

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  • Cassette Store Day

    Cassette Store Day is coming. Yes, you read that correctly CASSETTE. With the resurgence of vinyl record popularity over the past few years it seems as though a nod to cassettes would be inevitable but is this going too far? For the past few years Record Store Day has been wildly popular and has served...

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December Deceive

Since February 2013, December Deceive has been tearing Albuquerque a new one. The female fronted, aggressive alternative band has taken some big strides since their inception and it all came to be by random chance. The band was formed after a Red Jumpsuit Apparatus show at their school. When the band finished their set, the