• Spotify vs Apple Music

    As many of you know, Apple Music offered a free three-month trial when it first launched in July. We’ve had some time to see if Apple Music has managed to challenge Spotify, the music-streaming giant. I took the liberty of trying out both Spotify and Apple Music for you guys. Here are my thoughts. If...

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  • Should YouTubers be on Warped Tour?

    YouTubers are quickly becoming a standard within the scene. They often provide an inside look into the the music industry that is much more fun and relaxed than other forms of media coverage. Fans, especially teens, have become so enamored with YouTubers to the point that YouTubers are “acts” in and of themselves. Most people...

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  • Age Limit on Warped Tour?

    Last week, Kevin Lyman announced that he is considering limiting the age of band/crew members to 21 and up. There was immediate frustration on social media to this idea. It was fairly confusing since Warped Tour has always had a large fan base, crew members, and band members that are under 21. However, with recent...

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  • Issues May Be About to Make Their Best Album Yet

    At the 2014 Alternative Press Music Awards, Oli Sykes accepted an award for the Best Album on behalf of Bring Me the Horizon. He revealed that prior to writing Sempiternal, he had been addicted to ketamine, and as a result, went to rehab for a month. Sykes spoke to BMTH’s fans saying, “No one f—ing...

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  • Apple Music Might be in the Right. Here’s Why.

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few weeks, I’m sure you’ve heard of Taylor Swift’s revolution against Apple Music. For those of you who somehow managed to avoid all forms of news and social media, here’s a brief overview: Swift wrote a critical letter doused in her usual cavity-catalyzing sweetness informing Apple...

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Pieces of the Past

Pieces of the Past is a 5-piece metalcore band that has been aurally assaulting Albuquerque, NM since December. The band is comprised of two brothers, three cousins, two ex-members of a previous band, at least one video game enthusiast and 5 friends (don’t want to do the math? See below). Despite Pieces of the Past