• Warped Perspective

    Anyone that’s ever been to a Warped Tour may have noticed something odd. While the event itself is fairly evenly mixed with males and females in terms of attendance, you’d be hard pressed to find a band that has any females in it. The overwhelmingly male presence of Warped Tour bands has become somewhat of...

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  • Cassette Store Day

    Cassette Store Day is coming. Yes, you read that correctly CASSETTE. With the resurgence of vinyl record popularity over the past few years it seems as though a nod to cassettes would be inevitable but is this going too far? For the past few years Record Store Day has been wildly popular and has served...

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  • The Truth Is Scary

    It’s funny, not “funny ha-ha” but “funny-odd,” that so many smokers still don’t fully understand what they’re inhaling into their body. Sure, everyone and their mother knows that smoking is dangerous and that it can (and likely will, eventually) kill you but according to a new study as many as half of smokers aren’t aware...

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  • Win Tickets To Warped Tour

    4.5 trillion cigarette butts are littered every year worldwide. Join Blacklist & Crown The Empire in exposing the damage that cigarette litter does to our world. You could win tickets to Vans Warped Tour or a behind-the-scenes class with the band. All you have to do to enter is vote for your favorite video by...

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  • Record Store Day – April 19th

    For all you vinyl collector nerds out there, this Saturday is the day you’ve been dreaming about. The day you’ve been salivating over. The day you’ve been stashing away loose change and rolled up 5′s in anticipation of. The day in which you’ll scour the internet and (if you’re really brave) rush your favorite local...

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The Perished

The Perished is a 5-piece metalcore band from Ogden, UT. The band has been in existence for 2 years and unlike most bands, they don’t have a complicated, multilayer explanation for being band; they do it just because they love it. Having been fans of the genre for years, the guys in The Perished decided